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  • Laos Adventure Tour – 11 Days

    Laos Adventure Tour – 11 Days

    Embark on an exciting Laos tour with our adventure tour within 11 days where you get to experience much more than pure sight-seeing. It’s hard to imagine having this much action packed in one visit and still be able to enjoy the heart-stirring beauty…

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  • Mystery of Laos – 9 Days

    Mystery of Laos – 9 Days

    Pristine Laos will fully bloom in front of your eyes in this Laos tour. Explore the mystery Luang Prabang with not only sacred atmosphere but also spectacular sights, head to the ancient capital of Laos – Vientiane, soak in the countryside of Pakse…

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  • The Real Laos – 15 Days

    The Real Laos – 15 Days

    Explore pristine Laos with this 15 days tour package that you can taste every shade of this country. Sequentially go through the royal city of Luang Prabang, ride the huge but gentle animal – elephant through tropical forests, chat with the monk, explore the ancient capital of Muong Khouan…

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  • Wonderful Laos Family Retreat – 6 Days

    Wonderful Laos Family Retreat – 6 Days

    Laos family tours – 6days/5nights offers your a chance to experience the family-friendly vibes of Luang Prabang as well as its cultural heritage sites. You and your lovely children can observe monks going about their daily activities…

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  • A Glance of Laos – 7 Days

    A Glance of Laos – 7 Days

    Exploring a new country in term of history, culture, natural scenery, especially a country in Asia is always an interesting thing. Laos has been a beautiful and amazing country for tourist to come and enjoy their days here. The combination of tradition ceremonies, ancient temples, impressive waterfall, and simple daily life has contributed to the unique beauty of Laos…

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  • Highlights of Laos – 7 Days

    Highlights of Laos – 7 Days

    This time, we are about to travel in the opposite direction from the south to the north of Laos with 3 major cities: Pakse, Vientiane and Luang Prabang. During the journey, there will be the combination between natural sightseeing, the tradition and unspoiled beauty along the way. These 7 days are summary of the most…

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  • Laos Northern Loop – 8 Days

    Laos Northern Loop – 8 Days

    Laos is well-known for ecotourism and it si the best culture and tradition preservation in South East Asia. The ecotourism is now defined as responsible travel to natural area that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of local community people and involves interpretation and education. Your route will begins from the well-known UNESCO Heritage…

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  • Laos Grand Discovery Tour – 14 Days

    Laos Grand Discovery Tour – 14 Days

    Laos, a country in Indochina with no coast line but is still a famous destination for its tradition, breathtaking scenery and itself. These 14 days will take you to all parts of Laos, ranging from North to South in order to take a closer look at Laotian culture, people and region. The old sense from temples and refreshing atmosphere combining together will make…

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  • Planting wet rice experience in Living Land Farm

    Essence of Laos – 7 Days

    Vientiane and Luang Prabang in 7 Days will give you all the detail about these two cities. We offer you the realist experiences about the daily life in Laos from cooking traditional food, making paper stencil, to agriculture life of tribe farmers,… Culture, handicraft combining with traditional value makes you feel relief…

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  • Laos Discovery Tour – 10 Days

    Laos Discovery Tour – 10 Days

    Explore the greatest things in Laos in our 10-day tour, which will lead you to all famous highlights of this beautiful land. A huge number of wonders will be revealed during the trip. Visit Luang Prabang Ancient Town and its myriad attractions, then head to Xieng Khuang to explore the World Heritage – Plain of Jars before have city tour to…

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The Journey Went off What We Expected

The Journey Went off What We Expected

Client: Elliott Weller
Nationality: Australian
Pax: 2
Itinerary: Highlights of Laos

Laos Tour Feedback - above expectation

Everything is Above My Expectation

Client: Olivia Brown
Nationality: Hong Kong
Pax: 6
Itinerary: Fabulous Laos Tour

Feedback of Ms Lilly Rose on Laos Tour

Feedback of Ms Lilly Rose on Laos Tour

Client: Lilly Rose
Nationality: Singapore
Pax: 2
Itinerary: Essence of Laos



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