Day 1: Morning Alms Giving – Ethnic Villages Tour (B, L)

Good morning Pakbeng, let’s start today by going to the downtown to take part in a special ceremony, almsgiving ritual which has become a cultural beauty in Laos. Wake up early before dawn to witness and join in the offering alms to hundreds of saffron-robed monks, you can tell your guide in order to him/her prepare food for you. Then, back to the hotel and enjoy your breakfast or join the locals for a bowl of delicious noodle soup before visiting the villages cultural tour.

Note: If you don’t wish to make an offering, please keep an appropriate distance and observe the ritual in silence. Remember to dress suitably, your shoulders, chest, and legs should be covered.
Continue to the trip in Pakbeng, we visit Ban Houy Sengkham, which you will communicate with the children in a rural village primary school. This is also your chance to observe their traditional lifestyle. The village mix between old and modern, the buildings and old traditions.

Ban Houy Sengkham, Pakbeng luxury tour
Next, we visit Ban Souksai village where you can watch and help the hard-working farmers going about their daily life of rice farming with blacksmith making. And visit the buffalo farm, see how they use their traits in ancient farming whilst witnessing the beautiful landscape. Then, head off to the Ban Kham where the traditional bamboo houses are built on stilts above the ground.
In the late afternoon, we will participate in a cooking class where you are learned how to cook their delicious dishes from Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam cuisine. Upon your time, you can tell your guide to go to the fresh market to buy the ingredients.
Back to your hotel in Pakbeng.

Day 2: Pak Beng View Point – Pakbeng Local Market – Pak Peng Hill Town – Wat Chomjeng Temple – Wat Kokkor Temple (B, D)

After breakfast in the hotel, today we will see the viewpoint in Pakbeng. Step over 170 steps to the summit, you can see the helipad and Pakbeng Hill Town, and the mighty Mekong River. Here is also the ideal destination for the photo enthusiast to take the perfect shot. Next, we will visit Pakbeng Local Market, where all local people of Pakbeng district come to do their daily shopping. You also see a variety of local foods and products which need for your daily life.

MekonMonk is reading Bhudda experience, Laos luxury tour packagesg Elephant Park Sanctuary
Now, it’s time to explore the Pakbeng Hill Town, which owns many small cafes, restaurants and a couple of bars. Come to here, you must sip in a little bit of coffee, the famous product in Pakbeng. Next, we will visit Wat Chomjeng and Wat Korkkor Temples. Both of them are decorated beautifully and featuring colorful artifacts. During your visit, you also have a chance to visit Buddha Experience which you can join with the monks with the Buddhist’s lesson and vow. Visiting the temples, you can more understanding about the monk’s life and chat with them. Finish visiting the temples, enjoy your dinner on the cruise on the Mekong River. what’s more interesting while enjoying the dinner and watch the sunset. On the board, there are also some other services. Immerse your soul in the light wind, float on the river, drink a cocktail and listen the live traditional Laos music surely are the best wonderful feeling.
Overnight in Pakbeng

Day 3: Pakbeng Museum – 1000 Year Tear Forest – Tad Talae Waterfall (B, L)

To get more information about the history of Pakbeng, we will visit the Pakbeng Museum. Although it’s simple, the fascinating building with the clothing history of the communities in and around Pakbeng. Additionally, you can know more how they use the tools for their life. After that let’s go to the 1000 year tea forest. Even more, you can see some tree could be dated as much as the 2000-year-old. At there, you will see the local pick the tea, if you want to have an experience, you can join them.

Tad Talae waterfall, Laos luxury tour
At noon, your lunch has been served for you. Take a rest and we will visit the spectacular waterfall of Tad Talae, surrounded by the natural beauty. Listen to the sound of the falls, set your foot in the cool water, say nothing to describe this. Then, get a short trip to visit the Khmu Village nearby.
Back to your hotel in Pakbeng.

Day 4: Cycling Tour – Mekong Elephant Park Sanctuary (B, L)

Surely, add full of energy by breakfast before a long day. We will have an enjoyable trip through rural parts of Laos by cycling. Passing through hill tribe villages in Pakbeng, the local way of life and see the unique culture preservation will be an unforgettable experience for you. Finish your trip, now, visiting the Mekong Elephant Park Sanctuary. You will take part in many activities with your “new friends” including trekking, bathing, and feeding.

Mekong Elephant Park Sanctuary, Laos luxury tour
Note: Upon your interest, we can change the cycling tour by bike tour by scooter.
End of our service!