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Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours – Go Laos Tours

Laos cycling tours is one of the greatest choices for activities in Laos. Although Laos is a landlocked country, we cannot deny that Laos owns fascinating landscapes. Laos bicycle tours will bring to you the best experiences in the land of a million elephants. Let Go Laos Tours lead you up to the most beautiful frame road. Cycling through the large green paddles, drop in the traditional villages in Laos to explore the richness of the culture of the locals, or you also have a chance to visit the famous places like Pha That Luang, Wat Si Saket, or cycle around the ancient town Luang Prabang to see the charming beauty of the city.

Besides, Go Laos Tours is the best Local Company that is not only arranging Laos cycling tours but also providing Adventure tours in Laos. Go trekking to visit the village lying deep into the jungle. On the way, you will be dipped into the nature of Laos, stay away from the noisy town, and explore the interesting in Laos, which you will see how beautiful Laos is!

Come to join with us for Laos cycling & adventure tours to find the real Laos!

Top Laos Cycling & Adventure Packages:

Laos Classic Tours

Amazing Laos Tour – 8 Days

Laos is well-known for ecotourism and it si the best culture and tradition preservation in South East Asia. The ecotourism is now defined as responsible travel to a natural area that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of local community people and involves interpretation and education. Your route will begin from the well-known UNESCO Heritage city and it leads you the entrance of deep tropical rain forest where unspoiled flora and fauna remain protected. You are the track to the historical sites of Vientiane, delve into the wonders of the Bolaven Plateaux, and unwind amidst the scenic 4000 Islands. From the mystical Pak Ou Caves to the cascading Kuang Si Waterfalls, each day unfolds a new chapter in this immersive journey. With 8 days in Laos Tours, you will visit the cultural villages of Laos.

Explore most of the aspects of the countryside by off-road bicycle in the best way you intimate about the daily life of the locals in Laos. Like cycling to the other lands in Laos, come to Luang Prabang where we promise to bring for you the most wonderful trip in Laos by Cycling and Trekking. You will be welcomed by the locals when riding from village to village, along green rice paddies and whatever more stop to take many wonderful pictures during your Luang Prabang bike tour. Now, contact us and take the backpacks to explore Luang Prabang!

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Cycling Tour in Pakbeng – Half Day

This one-day cycling trip takes through many fascinating local villages! Along the way, you will see houses style made by local wood, the roof made by bamboo enjoy with new experience and spend time in various ethnic group villages. If you love cycling in Rural Areas and interact with local people, this cycling tour is easy riding, takes only a half-day, and was designed to include special places that few foreigners see on their own, so then this trip certainly offers this possibility!

Vang Vieng is known as the best place for the adventure tours in Laos. Come to Vang Vieng, you do not only explore the mystery land but also you can take part in many outdoor activities such as caving, tubing, hiking, and zip-lining. In 2 days in Vang Vieng, Hiking and Ziplining tour will bring for you a wonderful trip during your Laos Vacation.

Travel to the north of Laos which is regarded as the jewels for tourism of Laos. If you want to find those jewels, the new experience by cycling will make you from this surprise to others. So, in order to help you have a wonderful trip to Laos, we make this tour for you. Take the backpacks and go!

Embark on an exciting Laos local tour with our adventure tour within 11 days where you get to experience much more than pure sight-seeing. It’s hard to imagine having this much action-packed in one visit and still be able to enjoy the heart-stirring beauty of Lao nature and attractions. This incredible tour takes you around the top attractions in Laos as well as gets you off the beaten tracks in order to gain authentic experiences and have a deep understanding of the local people.

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Laos Discovery Tour – 16 days

Quiet and lovely Luang Prabang is one of the sexiest places in Southeast Asia. No other place can confirm the romance in the old world of the city including 33 gilded temples, saffron monks, faded Indochinese villas and exquisite Gallic cuisine. It was a unique place where time seemed to stand still amid the dizzying speed of the surrounding area. Beyond the history and heritage sites of the old town, in this 16-day tour including spectacular waterfalls, top trekking opportunities to the villages, meandering mountain bike trails, river cruises and outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by lush green mountains. Spend 16 days exploring the beautiful diversity of Laos. This mysterious rural country boasts ancient temples and historic colonial cities, along with the natural and cultural wetlands of many tribal peoples, this tour brings You the best of Laos from the North.

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Luang Prabang Adventure Tour – 6 Days

Luang Prabang which means “ The Royal Buddha Image” has attracted many tourists in recent times. Luang Prabang is not only charmed by ancient beauty but also this place is the best ideal for adventure tours in Laos. Known for the golden mountains and deep valleys Luang Prabang also makes one of the great places on the globe to venture out for treks and explore wildlife in the forest. Therefore, we make the best Luang Prabang adventure tour in 6 days suit to you. Now, take the backpacks and explore Luang Prabang together!

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Luang Prabang Trekking Tour – 4 Days

Trekking offers exceptional adventure to explore off the beaten path in Laos. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes while hiking along the mountain slopes and the hidden rivers and valleys which make you surprise from others to others. Go trekking tour in Laos, it’s also a chance to get in touch with ethnic minority villages such as Akha, Hmong, Khmu & others who still keep their traditional village life from their ancestors. So now, contact us and start your trekking tour!

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Motorbike Tour in Northern Laos – 14 Days

For those who have a passion for the adventure tours, and want to explore the beautiful land of Laos on the winding small lane road. What’s more interesting when sitting on a motorbike roam the dusty road to discover the amazing natural scenery, the majestic waterfalls, the villages deep in the forest or the famous sites along northern Laos. All of these things we made for you during the 14-day tour in Laos. Come with us and explore it together!

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Northern Laos Cycling Tour in Laos – 5 Days

If you are planning cycle bike in the beautiful road frame in Laos, cycling tour of the north highlight attractions sure that will bring to you a new experience. Pass through the villages, the fields, and the magnificent lands, it seems that you’re lost in the paradise which is sited on the ground. Feel the peaceful life, communicate with the locals, whatever is more interesting when exploring this land. Don’t be heritage, and go Laos Trips to have these wonderful moments in the next destination in the northern, Laos.

Top 12 Best Laos Adventure Activities

Located in Southeast Asia, Laos is a dream destination for brave travelers seeking a hidden corner of Asia. Travel to Laos, you will see Laos is not only peace in the life way, but it also is beautiful in landscape. If you are really adventurous lovers and finding outdoor activities, Go Laos Tours will offer to you the list of top 12 adventure activities in Laos.

1. Kayaking at Four Thousand Islands

Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) is one of the suitable destinations for many people to kick back and relax, but this stretch of the Mekong has so much to see to spend your entire time in a hammock. Most of the travelers come here and enjoy the time with a variety of activities as Kayaking. Paddle through gentle waters, and a few more challenging spots, take in the breathtaking views and make a stop at villages and islands as you meander along the river. If you luck, you will have an amazing chance to spot the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin. Kayaking in Laos, Laos Adventure tours

2. Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng 

Most of the hiking trips in Laos focus on Vang Vieng's backpack tourism center, with over 200 marked and bolted routes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. To climb more, head to the center of Laos, ThaKhek, where Green Climber Home runs a climbing camp at the base of some beautiful karst, boasting one of the easiest overhangs in the world to learn. Rock Climbing in Laos, Laos Adventure Tour

3. Ziplining through Primary Forest

For a truly unique experience, thrill-seekers should head to northern Laos to join the Gibbon experience. Flying at high speed through lush forests and valleys on zip ways up to 500 meters long will satisfy all your fantasy of adventure. An interesting part of the three-day trip is staying in tree houses accessible only by zipline. The surrounding forest is home to black gibbons and the cost of experience helps support the preservation of their habitat. Between picking leeches out of your cage and wriggling tigers, you will be yelling with excitement. Zip lining Laos, Vang Vieng, Laos Adventure Trips

4. Discover the Ancient Khmer Temple Ruins

If you like the ancient architecture, Wat Phu, an ancient Khmer temple in Champasak province, is a place not to be missed. Discover the ornate crumbling temples and palaces, situated beautifully along the slopes of the Phu Pasak Range. Though on a much smaller scale than Angkor Wat, Wat Phu is a Unesco World Heritage site with no crowds. Immerse yourself in the nearby sultry Champasak village, where you can enjoy a spa, good digging, an outdoor cinema and a slow pace of life on the river. Ancient Khmer Ruin, Adventure Laos Tours

5. Trekking to '100 Waterfalls'

Trekking to the '100 waterfalls', including the disturbance of a series of waterfalls in northern Laos, was only discovered in 2008 and is becoming increasingly popular among those visiting the sleepy village of Nong Khiaw, the place for trekking and kayaking. The great thing about walking 100 Waterfalls is that you often immerse yourself in water, grapple with ropes and splash through streams, so the heat of Laos is usually less of a problem. Eco-conscious outfits Go Lao Tours offers one-day trekking trips. trekking in 100 waterfalls in Laos, Laos Adventure tour packages

6. Boating through the Limestone Cave 

One of the highlights of the trip to Laos is the visit to Tham Kong Lo cave. Hidden deep in the wilderness of central Laos, this limestone cave is an inspiring 7km long, 90m high and home to bats and spiders that eat birds. Hop onto a small boat and control the vast stretch of river in almost complete darkness but because of the light of your captain's headlights and a flashlight. As part of the tour, you can also go halfway and explore a heavily lit forest of stalactites. Boat tour to discover the Don Khone and nearby attractions

7. Visit the Vieng Xai Bomb Cave

The vast Vieng Xai cave system is one of the most important and unusual historical sites in Laos, where the country remains. During the Vietnam War, there are over 20,000 people lived here to escape the relentless bombing. They built a hospital, a market and even a theater in the network of 450 caves. Once you come here, you will be amazed by the ruins in Vieng Xai cave. Vieng Xai Bomb Cave, Laos Adventure Tour packages

8.  Cycling to the Countrysides in Laos 

Never mind if you take a group tour or go alone, cycling is one of the best ways to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Laos. En route, enjoy the beautiful natural frame, meet locals and experience the remote and inaccessible parts of the country. From taking a gentle road through rice paddies to mountain biking and winding through the jungle, there's a two-wheel adventure that's right for everyone. Most tourist destinations have bicycles to rent, but Luong Namtha, Udomxai, Luang Prabang and Vientiane are one of the top places for cycling. Vieng Xai Bomb Cave, Adventure Tour in Laos

9. Trekking to the Remote Katang Villages

Trekking to the Katang villages of Dong Phu Vieng National Reserve will not miss in the list Laos Adventure Tours. After a day of walking through the sacred forest, the trekkers will have an amazing opportunity to live with the local Kangta village. Enjoy the traditional food of the locals, and hear the story behind, which is surely an unforgettable time in your Laos Tours. trekking to Laos Villages, Laos Adventure tour packages

10. Hot Air Balloon in Vang Vieng

the polar opposite to caving, hot air ballooning is a rather gentler sort of adventure. Get up early and take to the skies of Vang Vieng for magnificent sunrise views of the Nam Song winding its way through the picturesque countryside. Great Hot air balloon in Vang Vieng, Laos Adventure tour day trips

11. Caving in Laos

Laos’s famous limestone karsts, a network of caves lies waiting to be explored by those who don’t mind adventuring in confined spaces. There are several options for the intrepid cave enthusiast, and Vang Vieng is only the most famous Caving in Laos, Laos Tours adventure

12. River Tubing in Laos 

Vang Vieng is the paradise of outdoor activities, one of them, river tubing is also lie in the list, which involves lying on a rubber ring and floating down the Nam Song, which the visitors call the riverside bars for drinks along the way. It once had a dubious reputation owing to its popularity with inebriated backpackers, but its appeal has widened and these days it’s a relaxing activity in the morning quiet (it gets busier in the afternoon). Tubing in Vang Vieng, Adventure tours in Laos