Vientiane Highlights

Known as the heart of Laos, play an important role in Laos attractions, but Vientiane is still peace and gentle like that. Neither noise nor hustle, just like that, it takes the heart of the travelers before they know it. They love the rustic place in the town, love the ancient beauty of the hundreds-year-old temples or the historical places making a beautiful Laos like today.
Located on the northeast side of the romantic Mekong River, which is more and more make its beauty. A relaxing atmosphere that you can hardly find in many capitals around the world. Vientiane also has a wide range of famous hotels, restaurants, or shops known by many tourists. If this will be the first time you travel to Laos, refer carefully to the locations below, who knows it may be your first stop during your  Laos Tours.

Check the list below which will be the highlights during your Vientiane Tours