Xiangkhoang Plateau – The Region Surrounding The Plain of Jars, Offering Beautiful Landscapes

Xiangkhoang Plateau exploration with go laos tour package

Embark on an unforgettable laos tour package to explore the breathtaking beauty of the Xiangkhoang Plateau, a mesmerizing region encompassing the famed Plain of Jars. Nestled amidst lush green hills and verdant valleys, this picturesque plateau offers travelers a glimpse of Laos’ natural splendor and ancient mysteries. The highlight of the area is undoubtedly the enigmatic Plain of Jars, where hundreds of ancient stone jars, dating back over two millennia, dot the landscape. 

An Overview of Xiangkhoang Plateau

Situated in the northeastern part of the country, the Xiangkhoang Plateau is renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and intriguing archaeological sites. 

At the heart of the plateau lies the enigmatic Plain of Jars, where hundreds of mysterious stone jars, some dating back more than 2,000 years, dot the landscape. These ancient relics, shrouded in myth and legend, provide a fascinating glimpse into Laos’ prehistoric past. 

Beyond the Plain of Jars, the plateau boasts verdant rice paddies, rolling hills, and picturesque villages, offering visitors a serene and captivating retreat amidst nature. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, hiking through lush forests, or immersing yourself in the local culture, the Xiangkhoang Plateau promises an unforgettable adventure that combines history, beauty, and discovery.

Xiangkhoang Plateau exploration with go laos tours

Explore Plain of Jars 

The Plain of Jars, nestled near the Xiangkhoang Plateau in Laos, is a captivating archaeological wonder steeped in mystery and intrigue. Spread across vast stretches of rolling hills and verdant valleys, this ancient site is adorned with hundreds of massive stone jars, believed to be over 2,000 years old. 

The purpose of these jars, which vary in size and design, remains shrouded in mystery, with theories ranging from ancient burial practices to ritual ceremonies. 

Despite the mysteries that surround them, the Plain of Jars stands as a testament to Laos’ rich cultural heritage and offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the remnants of a bygone era. 

As you wander amidst these enigmatic stone relics, set against the backdrop of the Xieng Khouang Plateau’s breathtaking landscapes, you’ll be transported to a world of ancient wonders and timeless beauty.

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How to get to Xiangkhoang Plateau?

Reaching the Xiangkhoang Plateau in Laos typically involves traveling by road, as there are no airports directly serving the area. Here are the common ways to get to Xiangkhoang Plateau:

  • From Vientiane: 

The most common route is to travel from the capital city of Vientiane. You can take a bus or minivan from Vientiane to Phonsavan, the main town near the Xiangkhoang Plateau. The journey takes around 7-10 hours, depending on road conditions and stops along the way.

  • From Luang Prabang: 

If you’re coming from Luang Prabang, you can also take a bus or minivan to Phonsavan. The journey typically takes around 7-9 hours, depending on the route and road conditions.

Another option is to hire a private car or taxi from nearby cities like Vientiane or Luang Prabang. This option provides more flexibility and allows you to customize your itinerary.

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Other Destinations near Xiangkhoang Plateau

In addition to the Plain of Jars, the Xiangkhoang Plateau in Laos is surrounded by several other fascinating destinations worth exploring:

  • Vieng Xai: 

Located approximately 25 kilometers southwest of Xiangkhoang Plateau, Vieng Xai is renowned for its extensive network of caves, which served as shelters for the Pathet Lao leaders during the Indochina War. Visitors can explore these historic caves and learn about Laos’ revolutionary history through guided tours and exhibitions.

  • Muang Khoun: 

Situated just a short drive from Phonsavan, Muang Khoun is a charming town known for its ancient temples, ruins, and scenic landscapes. Highlights include Wat Piawat, a centuries-old temple complex with intricately carved stupas, and the ruins of Xieng Khouang, a former royal capital.

  • Tham Piu Cave: 

Located about 35 kilometers northeast of Phonsavan, Tham Piu Cave is a somber reminder of Laos’ turbulent past. During the Vietnam War, the cave served as a shelter for civilians fleeing bombardments. Today, visitors can pay their respects at the cave memorial and learn about the tragic events that unfolded here.

  • Tad Lang Waterfall: 

Situated in the scenic countryside near Phonsavan, Tad Lang Waterfall is a tranquil oasis surrounded by lush forests and pristine natural beauty. Visitors can take a refreshing dip in the clear waters, hike along scenic trails, and enjoy a picnic amidst the serene surroundings.

  • Nong Tang Lake: 

Located just outside Phonsavan, Nong Tang Lake is a picturesque reservoir surrounded by rolling hills and verdant countryside. Visitors can relax by the lakeside, go fishing, or take a leisurely boat ride to soak in the tranquil ambiance.

Activities for Tourists do in Xiangkhoang Plateau

Visit the Plain of Jars:

Explore the mysterious Plain of Jars, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its ancient stone jars scattered across the landscape. Marvel at these enigmatic archaeological wonders and learn about their history and significance.

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Trekking and Hiking:

Embark on trekking or hiking adventures through the Xiangkhoang Plateau’s diverse terrain, including lush forests, rolling hills, and scenic valleys. Discover hidden trails, picturesque viewpoints, and pristine natural landscapes along the way.

Cultural Immersion:

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Xiangkhoang Plateau by visiting local villages and communities. Experience traditional Lao customs, rituals, and lifestyles, and interact with friendly locals to gain insight into their way of life.

Birdwatching and Wildlife Viewing:

Explore the Xiangkhoang Plateau’s abundant biodiversity by engaging in birdwatching and wildlife viewing activities. Spot a variety of bird species, including endemic and migratory birds, as well as other wildlife such as monkeys, deer, and butterflies.

Photography and Nature Appreciation:

Capture the breathtaking beauty of the Xiangkhoang Plateau’s landscapes through photography. From panoramic vistas to vibrant flora and fauna, the plateau offers endless opportunities for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts to appreciate and capture its natural wonders.

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Historical and Cultural Sightseeing:

Visit historical sites, temples, and monuments scattered across the Xiangkhoang Plateau, offering insights into the region’s rich history and cultural heritage. Explore ancient ruins, Buddhist temples, and colonial-era architecture that reflect the diverse influences that have shaped the plateau over the centuries.

Relaxation and Wellness:

Unwind and rejuvenate amidst the tranquility of the Xiangkhoang Plateau by indulging in relaxation and wellness activities. Treat yourself to spa treatments, yoga sessions, or meditation retreats offered at resorts and wellness centers in the area.

The Xiangkhoang Plateau, home to the enigmatic Plain of Jars, presents a captivating landscape rich in history and natural beauty. Its rolling hills, lush vegetation, and intriguing archaeological sites offer a unique blend of adventure and serenity for travelers seeking to uncover the mysteries of this fascinating region. Whether exploring ancient relics or simply immersing oneself in the stunning vistas, the Xiangkhoang Plateau promises an unforgettable journey through both time and nature.