Laos People – Characteristics & Personalities of Laotian People

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Laos is the least populous country in Asia. The population is estimated at approximately 5.4 million people divided into 68 groups of ethnic minorities based on the differences in languages, cultures, ethnicity, and traditions. Therefore, the characteristics of the Laotian people are unique and interesting which makes you “fall in love” with them during Laos tours.

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Characteristics of Laotian People

Laotians are considered to be straightforward, open, friendly, caring, sincere, polite, generous, and dedicated. They always show their great courtesy and respect for foreign tourists. In their life, family and friends are more important than any others. This makes them happy and wonderful despite the poverty and difficulties they have to face. Laos is said to be an unfortunate country in Southeast Asia as it has no sea and most of the terrain is mountainous areas. Furthermore, they have to suffer from the evil rule in the French colonial period and the steaming weather in the summer. However, Laotians still know how to enjoy life from the simplest things. Gods might bless for Laos nothing but the most wonderful people in the world.

Characteristics of Laotian People

In fact, Laotians are raised in extended families with high levels of awareness. They are kind, patient, and willing to help other people. They have a kind heart, generosity, and social harmony. That is why foreign tourists come here to feel close and friendly. Sometimes, foreigners living here are surprised by what they find about simple people who live in those villages. Over time, the Laotian people’s views (indiscriminate region or ethnicity) are quite comfortable, they always think easy. They work quite slowly and take quite some time to implement. For the partners working with Laotians, patience is the most important thing.

Lethargy in Personalities of Laos People

In the personality of Laotians, the lethargy shows in their language. there is a word “Bo pen nyang” that means do not to worry or it does not matter) is a description of the most true life in Laos. Laotians think they deserve to have a good life. They are not afraid to do different things while relaxing. For the character of Laotian people, they do not care about politics in their country. Laotian people are famous for their relaxation. People do not rush and time does not seem to be a matter for them. For Lao people sleeping in the company is not unusual.

Lethargy in Personalities of Laos People

Communication Style & Emotional Expressions of Lao People

For Laotian people, they do not express frustration directly. They often respond appropriately, an answer that you definitely want to hear. And Laotians like listening to yes/ no questions, and they feel uncomfortable asking questions. When arguing about something, Laotian people tend to solve it through middlemen. They do not want to discuss directly with the person they are discussing. Only when it was resolved did the two meet.

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In the Laotian language, there is not always away, not to be understood as possible or capable or even possible. For that reason, it is best to pay attention to their body language and face. For Laotians, when they laugh, it carries a lot of meaning. It can be fun or it can be confusing or angry. If you want someone to help you, they will give you a kiss and say “sorry I’m busy”. But if you ask a Lao person they will agree and review the work and contact you, but rarely do they.