Group name: Ms. Lilly Rose
Group Size: 2
Tour Name: Essence of Laos
Date Travel: 2nd February
Nationality: Singapore

Hi Tracey,
We have just been back from our holiday in Laos. It was awesome! Your advices had helped us a lot during our trip. All our requests had been solved as we wished. We had excellent travel guides and driver. And the most important thing is that they spell my name correctly.
I and my wife choose this tour mainly because we expect to have local experiences and we are so tired of touristy trip, and this vacation does not let us down. We had enjoyed much time in cooking class. I had made a Laotian dish for my wife by myself, which made her so happy. We were so touched by the amazing nature beauty in Elephant Village and the fall. There are also many thing more that I couldn’t list it all here. My impression with Laos is not much, but after this time it has been changed a lot.
It comes to our surprise that our guide’s English skill is very good and easy to understand. He also provided us many useful information and funny. A huge amount of our satisfaction is due to this guy. He’s definitely a good guy. A good guide will make your holiday more enjoy able than ever.
We enjoyed our delightful hotel very much. The room is simple and has a view over Mekong River. Breakfast in the hotel was good especially the coffee. In fact, food throughout our stay was superb. There is also recommendation for our Singaporean food in our first day, which I think that you have taken us into consideration.
In general, it was a very memorable tour. We will surely book another with your company in the future and introduction this tour to other as well.