Si Phan Don – The 4000 Islands In Laos

Si Phan Don – The 4000 Islands In Laos

Dubbed as a watercolor painting, Si Phan Don as well as the 4000 islands is one of the tourist paradises in Laos. A landlocked country like Laos with 4000 islands has prompted many tourists to come here to explore and enjoy.

“The 4000 Islands” – A charming gem

Not only having the pristine and majestic natural scenery, but Si Phan Don is also attractive by its exotic position. Romantic and charming Si Phan Don or “The 4000 Islands” is an archipelago located in the south of Laos nearby the Cambodia border, where the Mekong River is the widest and surrounded by two giant waterfalls Khone Phapheng and Somphamit, then created this heaven-like destination naturally with thousands of small islands. There are hundreds of beautiful sand dunes that appear and disappear suddenly depending on the annual flow of the Mekong River. Laid on the remote area and less traffic, Si Phan Don still keeps alive its charming wildness and become a must-visit place in the itinerary to the Millions of elephant country for tourists that love to discover the nature. Most tourists commented that Si Phan Don is an alluring destination with hospitable and friendly people.

The waterfalls of Sin Phan Don 4000 Islands

Where to say in “The 4000 Islands”

Among multi-size islands, only three islands Dong Khong, Don Khon, and Don Det are the biggest and centers for tourists with full travel services, accommodations, foods, and drinks. Don Det is the main place for travelers to hang out where you can book a bungalow overlooking the glorious sunset. The bungalows and meals are also cheap and reasonable.

Enjoy the Laos Beer in Sin Phan Don 4000 Islands

Things to do in “The 4000 Islands”

Visit the 4000 islands, tourists can join a variety of activities like rending a boat or rowing to explore the islands, or even staying afloat along with the flow of the Mekong River. Especially with the tranquil space, this is an enthralling place for everyone to relax comfortably.

Curious people can rend a motorbike or bicycle to visit some villages nearby, see the magnificent waterfall Somphamit, or experience some historic relic the locomobile and the wharf in French invasion that use to transport commodities through Khon Phapheng waterfall.

In Siphadone, tourists don’t miss a chance to visit the freshwater dolphin Irrawaddy as you can luckily admire the beautiful and unforgettable images when the dolphins dive and circle around the water surface. Irrawaddy dolphins only appear in three places: Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, Mahakam River in Indonesia, and Me Kong River. In 2004, the dolphins were on Red List with a high risk of extinction so that tourists cannot see it every time. Twilight in the islands, the scenery becomes bustling when local people do the house works cooking, and washing busily. At the riverside restaurants, you can taste the sticky rice, savor the delicious grilled fish, enjoy the favorite Laos beer, and contemplate the sparkling light reflecting on the river.

Boat trip in Sin Phan Don 4000 Islands

Visit the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia: come over the Don Khong bridge, the largest waterfall – Khone Phapheng Fall appears in your eyes making you feel overwhelmed, a must-see place of Si Phan Don. Book a kayaking tour and float on the water, it will be a real adventure but truly worthy and exciting, believe in the skills of local sailors.

There is Li Phi Fall looking like a different world compared to the lush greenery of other river sections. It’s rocky and dry, located on Don Khon, and accessed by bicycle easily.

If you want to do something more relax, take a fishing trip along the mainstream, enjoy your peaceful day on the river then get barbequed. Or just lie in a hammock and read a book, absorb the beautiful sunshine then take a little nap by the river. You even can take a walk around here, or swim and take a dip in the clear blue water. Around 10 pm every night, people gather on the river to light a campfire, socialize with beer Laos, and enjoy the guitar playing.

The 4000 islands with a beautiful lifestyle have become an intriguing destination for Western tourists, especially for those who are passionate about pristine beauty and local culture. Let’s come and create your memorable experience with this heaven-like site during your Laos tour.