With a great collection of amazing destinations, scrumptious food and thrilling experiences, Laos has become a destination of visitors’ interest. There are a huge number of amazing attractions that would definitely fill your Laos vacations with colors. Among all, the Presidential Palace is one of the most well-known destinations.

The Presidential Palace Vientiane

The front of The Presidential Palace in Vientiane

Nestled on Lane Xang Street and first constructed in 1973, the Palace’s impressive structure was designed by the talented local architecture Khamphoung Phonekeo. However, an unpredicted event involving the dramatic change in politics that happened due to the takeover of the communist Pathet Lao 2 years after the construction of the palace, the Presidential Palace was still not completed until much later.

The Presidential Palace Vientiane

The Presidential Palace in 50,000 kip notes

Experience ups and downs, the Presidential Palace today becomes an important venue serving government and related ceremonies. It is more than a place for government functions, it is also an obvious representation of the elegant and charming artful style. There are tall colonnades and shaded balconies which offer a panoramic view of the below lawns and lush gardens. With impressive structure and magnificent appearance, the building is an ideal place for photography-taking lovers.