What to Do and See in Pak Beng

What to Do and See in Pak Beng

Pak Peng is a small village in Laos which is located between Houay Xai and Luang Prabang. By this reason, Pak Peng is also well – known by many tourists when traveling to Luang Prabang. With the development of Tour in Laos recently, Pak Peng promises to become the highlight spots for Laos tourism in the future. Follow us, let’s explore this new land!

Why You Choose Travel in Pak Beng?

Boating from Houay Xai, Pak Beng lies on the banks of the magical Mekong River appear in the mist. In fact, there is not much tourism infrastructure in Pak Peng, here is one of its great charms by the original beauty. As the new tourism destination, Pak Beng has many restaurants in town and you can watch the spectacular uninterrupted views across the Mekong as you have a sundowner. Visit anywhere in Laos, you can see the temples there, and Pak Beng is too. There is also a few scenic temples scattered around town as well as some caves nearby. Enjoy your trip to visit the villages which are the home of the ethnic communities in Laos. With all the reason above, Pak Beng will be the ideal destination for you.

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Top 5 Things to Do and See in Pak Beng

Take the Boat along the Mekong

Lies between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang, Pak Beng is the next stop which many tourists choose by using the slow ferry. The slow boat harks back to a different era of travel when people were in much less of a hurry than they are nowadays and you will able to take in the gorgeous views along the way which make the trip of your life.

Boat along the Mekong

Go Trekking to the Local Villages in Pak Beng

In fact, there is not much the tourism infrastructure in Pak Peng but recently, a few tours start up in this area. Surrounding by many small villages which are the homes of local communities and you can hike out there. The Locals is very friendly and always welcome you, especially if you are tourists.

Walk Around the Pak Beng Town

Pak Peng only develop recently, therefore, it still brings the original beauty. In the afternoon is the most beautiful time in Pak Peng, strolling in the central main road, you can visit the local’s life, head off the beaten track and visit spots such as the two main temples. One thing you should know that Pak Peng is rather hilly, so you need to have a relatively good level of mobility if you want to get out of there.

 trekking in Pak Beng town

Visit Wat Kok Koh – the Charming Beauty in Pak Beng

Pak Beng attracts many tourists by the peace of its. If you are looking for sights when you are in town then you will want to head to the famous temple, come to Wat Kok Koh. The temple becomes not particularly noteworthy but it does have pretty views over the town. Especially, Wat Kok Koh has a nice hike which is more beautiful when traveling by boat. By the ancient beauty, Wat Kok Koh is listed in many Cycling tours in Pak Beng. Try to come here around the sunset to enjoy the vermillion skies around Pak Beng.

Wat Sin Jong Jaeng – the Most Famous Temple in Pak Beng

Combine with Wat Kok Koh, Wat Sin Jong Jaeng is also famous in Pak Peng. Built from the French colonial period, so it’s become the historic place in Pak Beng and has been renovated at any time. There are a number of murals here which are of interest, especially, some of them appear to include Western figures said to be former French colonialists. Located on the hill, therefore, if you have a plan to come here, remind visiting before the sunset.