Thakhek in Laos – Top 8 Things to Do & Essential Guide

Kong Lor cave Thakhek

Today, Laos is becoming an attractive destination for tourists to discover at “the land of a million elephants”. If Luang Prabang is known for its majestic mountains or jungle-like temples, travel Thakhek will bring you images that you are lost in France on the land of Laos. There are many architectural which brings styles in France. If you are going to travel to Laos tours, let’s go to Thakhek – the city is waiting for you to explore.

Thakhek Map

In the beginning, Thakhek was called Khottabong where it became a frontline of the Mon-Khmer kingdoms of Funan and Sheng La under the name of Pali: Sri Gotabura. Until the French invasion, the place was renamed Thakhek.

Thakhek laos map

When you travel in Thakhek, you will discover that the town’s history is still present today in the Old Town beside the Mekong river. Around the city square, you can stroll the beautiful streets around the heritage. The unique in the architecture of the house, shop, and café where you can see easily in this style of differentiation. You can call the name of the town base on the style of its. Thakhek means “ Guest landing”, and in the last few hundred years, it has been the place of commerce for foreign merchants. Exploring Thakhek, the guests can enjoy cool drinks, eat a few pieces of cake, and immersed in the scene here.

Top 8 Attractions in Thakhek

Unlike many other parts of Laos with its vibrant atmosphere, Thakhek has an ancient look with its French colonial architecture. Most of the scenery that visitors can visit are natural scenes and amazing artificial scenes. When you come to Thakhek, you can visit Khammaounae museum, Star town, Wat Si Khottabong pagoda, and many other attractions. Another point of interest for you is the integration with the life of the calm Laotian.

A Small Corner of France

The town is the common name for the area where the city has its oldest origin. This is the place where you will find many old buildings from ancient times as well as during the colonial period of France. You will find many large and small hotels, restaurants, caterers along the roadside, as well as shops available. Located right along the river, this is a great place to enjoy a day of dining and shopping or take a romantic stroll or bike the ride along the river. One of the things you will find serving in open markets in this area is an unusual array of encounters that many Westerners are not used to joining, including squirrels, snakes, frogs, and bats.

Small Corner of France thakhek laos

Tham Nang Aen Cave

Tham Nang Aen is a large cave 15 km east of Thakhek and just south of Route 12, along with the Alley cave. The spectacular cave, 30 meters high in the central room, is named after the orphaned legendary Nang Samounta. The guide will tell you the story of her tragic romance with ex-Xieng. You can travel by boat on the lake, run through the giant cave, and enjoy a drink, meal, or picnic on the shady lawn of the cave.

Konglor Cave

Konglor Cave is also a great place for tourists to spend some time exploring. The length of the cave is nearly 4km, where the river goes through the cave. You will see spectacular limestone formations and can visit the caves on the river in a boat or walk along the coast. Buddha Cave is another example of the great cave formation in the area where gorgeous limestone statues and huge Buddha statues carved in the cave walls.

Kong Lor cave Thakhek

Pha Nya In Cave

Pha Nya In the cave is the steps up on a limestone cliff about 2km west of the Tham Kaen Aen, close to  12th Street. It is named after the Archangel Archer. In the cave, you will see the statues outside the entrance, a Buddhist temple, a large room that is naturally lit with stalactite ceilings, and a swimming pool.

Note: At this place, the water is sacred and you should not go into it. The entrance to the cave can be flooded and inaccessible during the rainy season.

Xieng Liab Cave

You can see the limestone cave – Xieng Liab Cave – named after the legendary Nang Xieng and tragic legend of the legendary Nang Samounta – from Highway 12, about 11km east of Thakhek. The cave is about 200m length which has impressive limestone formations on the ceiling and is said to contain many historical drawings. In the dry season, you can walk for 10 minutes to the river that flows out of the cave, and go through the cave with a village guide. In the rainy season, you can take a boat ride through the cave.

Xieng Liab Cave in thakhek laos

Elephant (Xang) Cave

Elephant Cave is an important pilgrimage site for local communities, especially festivals including Pii Mai. The cave is located in a limestone cliff above Ban Tham. Visitors climb the rocky stone steps through several levels up to the Xang elephant stones and the cave is named after. The cave and the sunset views give a stunning view of the plains and limestone mountains. At the ticket entrance, there are souvenirs and beverages for sale, parking, and toilets. You can also visit Ban Tham village, the temples, and Pho Sii stupa.

Wat Si Khottabong Temple

The temple built in the 18th century, the original temple is a grand tower from the ninth century under the reign of King Nanthasen. Si Khottabong Temple is still splendid. This is also a place of sacred worship of local people and many international visitors. You can come here to ask for peace and good luck for yourself and your family.

Thakhek Stupa

Khammouane Museum

This museum is a large collection of cultural memorabilia of  Laos people. The museum was built by the French in the twentieth century. Inside the museum is a collection of guns, porcelain, porcelain, and rattan that are over 2000 years old. It also saves many valuable souvenirs that are typical of the culture and history of the Laotian people.

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Best Time to Visit Thakhek

Thakhek belongs to the typical weather of Laos, the city is always hot year-round and has two basic seasons is the dry season and rainy season. The dry season here is quite hot and sunny during the rainy season with heavy rainfall so the weather is much cooler and much more pleasant.

best time to visit thakhek laos

Transportation in Thakhek

When you come to Thakhek, There is not an airline service that comes into the city of Thakhek, meaning that the primary means to reach year is either by bus or by taking a boat up the river. Visitors can choose a bus either in Vientiane or Pakxe. The trip can last from somewhere between 7 to 10 hours and costs about $65 depending upon the time of year. Depending on the weather, boat prices may be reasonable or more expensive.