Bookshops in Vientiane

Laotians do not have the habit of reading books a lot, thus, it seems there are not too many bookshops in this country. The capital Vientiane can be considered the place where residents buy books more than other locations in the country. Below is the top 5 bookshops in Vientiane that contain books in both English and the native language during your Laos Tours you can visit.

Monument Bookshops

Monument Book Shops is the largest and most famous bookstore in Vientiane. There are several stores of Monument Book Shops in the city. This is a two-floor building in which the downstairs is for selling books and the upstairs is for exhibitions. The shop offers a diversity of kinds of books such as science books, educational books, reference books, travel instruction books, newspapers, magazines, comics…as well as language books in English, French, German…Besides, you can also easily see the books about the culture, tradition, and customs of Laos.
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Book Café

Book Cafe is a café and bookshop situated on Heng Boun Road in the center of the capital. The shop offers new and secondhand books in many international languages such as English, German, Swedish and Lao. The store is divided into many categories comprising mainly novels and travel books. Besides the inexpensive, people also come here to exchange books.
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Kosila Bookstore

Located after the famous That Dam, Kosila Books is a familiar address for book lovers in Vientiane which only sells secondhand books. The categories here are extremely diverse with many kinds of books like travel books, culture books, novels, detective books, language books… Like many other bookshops, Kosila offers books in a variety of languages including English, French, Spanish, Chinese…Kosila Bookstore, Vientiane Tour Packages
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Books @ DK

Books @ DK is the ideal address to purchase reference books from a lot of famous publishers in Vientiane. Besides, the shop also displays books about the aspects of business, marketing, finance, technology…as well as some of the classic novels in English, Lao and Thai. Especially, if you cannot find out immediately the books you want, you can order the shop and receive them in a short time.
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Vientiane Book Center

Located on Fa Ngum Road, near Mekong River, Vientiane Book Center is a small bookshop but contains a huge amount of secondhand books including reference books, culture books, travel books…It also sells postcards for those who want to find several souvenirs. Books here are mainly written in English, French, German and Lao.
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