Laos Facts

Getting a little bit closer to understand Laos, we realize that Laos is a unique country with the sense of traditional and historical value, there are a lot of normal things which might surprise you and changes your view about this beautiful country. These facts Go Laos Tours offers will reveal Laos normal life and connect you to Laos’ soul for deep understanding.

1. Laos’ New Year takes place in April instead of Lunar New Year
Unlike its neighbor Vietnam whose new year is based on the Chinese calendar and often progresses in the end of January and the beginning of February, Laos New Year is based on Indian Calendar. The days from 14th April to 16th April are three first days in Laos New Year.

2. Women have to wear Laos’ traditional skirt when entering temple and pagoda.
You might think this rule is too strict but it is taken seriously in Laos, no matter who you are. Every woman is required to follow this rule even foreigner or local, which is a method to show their respect for Buddha and the monk.

3. The highest mountain in Laos, Phou Bia is not opened for tourism because of bombing in the past
As I have mentioned in Laos Mountains & Peaks, at the moment, Phou Bia is the highest mountain in overall Laos. With the height of 2819 meters, Phou Bia should have been an ideal site for hiking and tourism, but it has been closed due to safety reason. Since Vietnam War in the past, Laos has received tons of bombing and right now the remaining still affects this area, which makes it become dangerous for tourism.

4. Kip is not the only currency can be used in Laos, Laotian also accepts Lao Kip, Thai Baht and US Dollar.
It is easy to understand that US Dollar is accepted in Laos since it is a popular currency used world widely. And Thai Baht can be exchanged into Laos Kip easily because Laos and Thailand are two neighbors. Therefore, using money in Laos is quite flexible.

5. Laos’ main exportation product is coffee and about 80% of Laotian works in the agriculture field.
Coffee belongs to Top Souvenirs to buy in Laos. With the skillful hands of Laotian farmer in the field, coffee has become its biggest exportation in the nation and provide and many jobs for farmer which improves their lives.