Laos Achieves Third Place in The World’s Friendliest Country Ranking

Recently, Laos has had an honor to rank the third place on World’s Friendliest Country carried out by London-based Rough Guides through its Twitter and Facebook. The survey is open in order to ask visitors their opinion about the world’s friendliest country. The result has come out. Surprisingly, although it is not a scientific survey and just bases on followers’ opinion, Laos has received the third position.

Laotians are hospitable, friendly and soft people
Laotians are hospitable and friendly

Here is the list of top 10 countries starting from the 10th position:

10. Sri-Lanka

9. Scotland

8. Fiji

7. Indonesia

6. Myanmar (The country of Buddhist pagodas and temples)

5. Thailand

4. Nepal

3. Laos (Surprising!!! Laos has always impressed the world with its natural beauty and traditional custom)

2. The Philippines

1. Cambodia (Laos’ neighbor with Champa’s culture and ancient buildings)