Sex in Laos & Best Places to Date with a Lao Girl

Sex in Laos & Best Places to Date with a Lao Girl

Unlike some other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietnam, have sex with a girl in Laos is considered illegal, especially for foreigners who come here to travel. However, in Laos, there are still some places where you can easily find beautiful Lao girls. Consider some suggestions to have an unforgettable date with a Lao girl as well as a romantic night with her.

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Best Places to Date with a Lao Girl

Dating Sites in Vientiane

Before planing your Laos tours, for male visitors who want to find a lady for a night, search on the web and set updates to meet them when you arrive. Normally, Asian Dating is probably the best site.

Meeting a Laos Girl in Bars

For any bar in Laos, you can easy to find a beautiful Laos Girls. Many are lazy riverside bars along the Mekong but there are a few upmarket establishments that local Laos girls go to.
Here are the best bar in Laos easy to find a girl: Blue Sky Bar, Déjà Vu, Martini Lounge and On The Rock.

Nightclubs in Laos

There are numerous clubs in Vientiane, and they have a tendency to close at 3 a.m. You also need a taxi to get to them as they are not really walking distance from downtown Vientiane.
A tip for the men that Laos girls in clubs are easy to approach and if you want to chat with them, invite a glass of wine and you can use all their time.

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The clubs where most of the hookers go to pick up tricks, they are easy to recognize and if you want to take one off, there is not a problem as they are all freelancers. The rates are from $20/$40 upon the service of course.

Bowling Alley & Mall in Laos

Perhaps you don’t believe that Bowling alley is a good place to pick up a Laos girl. Most of the girls are the local lady and quite often a hen night out is arranged to go bowling. Although, most bars just chatting with strangers and sip a cold Beer Laos. you don’t have to pretend to go bowling and are forced to put the sweaty used shoes on.

Lao Girl Price

Actually, in some place in Vang Vieng, there is a red light district hidden just outside town. For each small stalls, it’s around 5 to 10 girls. It could be from 150,000 to 750,000 kip. Especially, the white-skinned girls were the most expensive, if she was hot or beautiful.

The Facts of Having Sex with Lao Girl

  • For the Laos girls, they are very friendly and open to speak to westerners so engaging somebody of the opposite I conversation should not prove too difficult.
  • Talk about Laos dating customs and a very important law you need to know before enjoying your day trip in Laos.

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  • For the Laos law, any foreign man has sex with the Laos girls is illegal. Especially, if you have sex with a girl who doesn’t have enough age, you can go prison and pay 5,000 dollars in fines. But it is discreet about it, most hotels here are not going to be friendly, if you check in alone you won’t be able to bring a female guest back to your room.
  • Upon the hotels, they also have some lists of girls. If you think to hook up at your hotel contact them directly before you book to see what their current policy is. Sleep with women from another country isn’t illegal, however, some hotels that are not girl friendly ay not let you bring anyone back.
  • According to the Lao dating culture, if you want to be with a local, you are going to need to date her for a long time and even get married before she is willing to sleep with you. So, you should consider carefully before having sex with Laos girl on your Laos trip.

For all the information above, take easy to find Laos girls, to get more the detail information, click here to make your Laos Tours become more meaningful.