The second articles will guide you what to do from Australia to Laos’s Airport. Going to Laos with the starting point at Australia is somehow like Laos Tours from New Zealand. These things are what you should take in consideration when preparing to travel to Laos.

Laos Tours From Australia

The best landscape in Vang Vieng, Laos

Easy VISA to Laos
Thing is not so complicated, you can get Laos VISA on arrival or through Laos’s embassy in advance. The cost falls into the range of $30-$50USD. Once again, same as New Zealand, the VISA is not available at all entry point. Only VISA holders are allowed to enter Napao-Chalo, Taichang-Sophoun, Pakxan-Bungkan, Xiengkok. Normally, a VISA is limited up to 30 days and by paying additional fee $2USD/day, you can prolong your VISA for 60 days.

Fight Routine
Right now there is no direct flight from Australia to Laos. The only way to transit at nearby countries (often has 1 or 2 stops in total) such as: Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore or China. Despite of this inconvenience, it provides you a chance to go around Asia countries.

You can decide to arrive at Luang Prabang (LPQ), Pakse (PKZ) and Vientiane (VTE) (Laos’ international Airport) from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, etc. Airline all offer flights from these places to transits in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore or China. Approximated time flying from Sydney or Melbourne to Laos is 12 hours while from Adelaide or Brisbane to 15 hours. Take this into notice when booking flight ticket; make it most comfortable for yourself and family.

Quantas Airlines

Airline all offer flights from these places to transits in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore or China

Try to contact a travel agent and do an inclusive Asia tour or just Indochina, which is close to Laos. A certain amount of cost would be saved and at the same time more enjoyable your trip is.

Other Information
With different geographical area and terrain (Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere), the disparity in season is unavoidable. We have seen many people facing thermal shock when they change from hot weather to cold one. Bring along all the basic and essential clothes to protect your health from flu or cold.

In term of time zone, Australia is only 4 hours ahead of Laos, therefore it is not a big different. But be aware of this information when arrange your vacation.

Hope that you will find this article help you out and wish you all the best in Laos Tour!