Laos Tours From Canada

Laos Tours From Australia

After USA, there will be another country from Americas in the list of our series Laos Tours from… The distance between Canada and Laos seems to be long and far away, but with our support and advice, you will feel relief. Believe me.

Laos Tours From Canada
Patuxai – a symbol of Laos

Visa to Laos
As most of other countries’ citizen, Canadian tourist can get Visa on arrival when entering Laos’ international airport. Basically, you will pay $42USD for 30 days in Laos. Surprisingly, it means to be the highest fee among New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA. If you want to stay longer, it is possible for you to pay extension fee $2USD per a day.

Nowadays, more visitors is entering Laos indirectly which means, they will arrive in Laos through other countries. You can simply get VISA arriving at the middle country which is usually easier and cheaper to get VISA, and then you just simply go to Laos based on that VISA. The middle-countries usually are the following: Thailand, Vietnam, China, etc.

Fight Routine
It is quite struggle for you to travel to Laos because there is no direct flight from Canada to Laos. Moreover, a flight routine to Laos often has 2, 3 or even 4 stops in many different countries. For all the best, you should contact a tour agent for clear direction from Toronto or Vancouver to Laos.

As mentioned above, you don’t have to arrive at Laos directly, just get a flight to middle-countries, it is much easier. You can include in your vacation a lot of destination in many different countries. For example, if you first visit Hanoi, Vietnam, there are varieties of options which just contain 1 stop in flight routine from Vancouver to Hanoi. Your vacation to Hanoi can become a tour to Indochina if necessarily. The sickness during long flight with too many stops will definitely disappear, instead you feeling relax and enjoyable. Vacation is not about running, but the most important thing is feeling and learning.

Laos Tours From Australia
You can transit in Vietnam before visit Laos

Other information
Canada is in the north half of Americas, where the weather is often cold cooler than Laos’ average temperature. It might cause you some difficulty in getting used with it. Remember to bring along lightweight cotton clothes during your journey and also umbrella (we are at a monsoon tropical country!).

Each part of Canada has a different time zone ranging from UTC -2:30 to UTC -8:00. In general, Laos is about 10 hours ahead of Canada (or even more than). In order to make sure about timetable, please check it before leaving.

Wish all the best to your Laos tour. If you need more information, please contact us!