That Luang in Vientiane is also called Great Stupa has become a destination of interest that attracts a huge number of visitors with an increasing Laos tours. Your trip to visit this Laos’s laid-back capital city would not be complete without paying a visit to That Luang.

That Luang, Vientiane

That Luang is one the most famous places in Vientiane

Since time immemorial, That Luan has become a national symbol and also the country’s most revered monument. That Luang impresses visitors from the exterior to the interior appearance. From the outside of the monument, it is almost like a fortress surrounded by walls. That Luang features two temples, each with its own main stupa. On the top of each is covered with gold leaf. Those visiting this monument can easily identify that the architecture of the temple is under the significant influence of Buddhist beliefs which are demonstrated with red-lacquered doors, stupas and numerous Buddha images.

That Luang, Vientiane

That Luang Festival

The construction was operated by King Setthathirat in 1566. In order to honor him, a crafted statue of him was erected in front of the main entrance to That Luang. Experience many sufferings, especially the severe damage by the Burmese, Siamese and Chinese invasions, That Luang was restored with the help of the French.

Until present days, That Luang has become a place of importance in which the main event of the Boun That Luang Festival is held. The Festival attracts crowd of visitors from Laos as well as those from neighboring countries to participate in the parades, live music and religious ceremonies.