Banks in Laos | Top 3 Best Lao Banks

Banks in Laos | Top 3 Best Lao Banks

Travel to any country in the world you should prepare tons of knowledge for those countries. And Laos is too, it can be somewhere in this land you should go but you cannot ignore some tricks to explore this beauty of the land. Have you ever imagined that one day, the number of money bringing not enough for your Laos trip, send saving money, or invest in Laos? So, how to solve these problems? Will you find the Banks? Obviously, here are the best banks in Laos you can believe.

Laos Development Banks

Laos Development Banks (LDB) is a state-owned commercial bank with capital owned 100% Ministry of finance. The bank is a merger of 2 previous state-owned commercial banks which name Lao May and Lamexang Bank. The head office is 39 Pangkham Rd, Chanthaburi District, Vientiane Capital. Along with Laos, there are 18 branches in every province in Laos as well as correspondent banks in any country over the world.

the Best Banks in Laos

Deposit Service

The bank province 3 types of deposit service current account, saving Account, and Term deposits

Current Accounts

the customers are allowed to make various payments in the form of transfers. However, this account must have a positive balance at all times. The minimum balance is kip 100000 or US Dollar 100.

Saving Account

For gradual saving and withdraw at any time (of course during banking hours). Living in Laos, you can open a Kip account, the minimum in the account is kip 10,000 while n the US Dollar the minimum is $ 100 and for Bath Account, the minimum balance is Bath 2,500.

Term Deposit Accounts

In Lao Development Bank, term deposit gives a higher interest rate than the savings account developing on the length of the deposit such as 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months, in turn, and you will receive the full interest amount upon the majority of the deposits.

Loan Services

With the Laos land, if you think this land brings the business value, the Lao Development Bank willing to support you in the form of short term loans ( under 1 year and maybe last to 3 years)

Foreign Exchange

Foreign currency exchange in cash or cheques and others accountable with the exchange rate. International payment services: to facilitate and support your international business, the bank will provide the collection of import/ export documents and payment of import/export goods in several forms.

ANZ Bank in Laos

Establishes a presence in Laos in 2007, ANZ bank in Laos is regarded as the first international bank to operate in Laos. ANZ bank in Laos is one of the leading International banks in Laos with the aim to be the bank that leads to the advancement of the Laos banking sector and operating environment for the customers.

ANZ Bank in Laos

ANZ has many years of experience across the full range of banking products and services. One of the main services, ANZ provides the solution to protects businesses against the currency, the foreign exchange, and provide corporate superannuation services.

ANZ Laos, the customers will be provided with a wide range of loan products through our established onshore operations in Laos coupled with regional presence and product expertise. ANZ can provide a flexible loan with a tenor shorter than 1 year. You can draw down up to the maximum credit limit approved. Moreover, the repayment can be made by simply crediting the operating account

Indochina Bank in Laos

Indochina bank was founded in 2009 with owned 2 branches in Vientiane and Paske. Bank services are available for personal business customers. The range of the products that it offers includes saving accounts, fixed deposits, day to day services, loans, money transfer services, and foreign exchange services. The head office address is the 1st-floor capital tower, 116, 23 Singha Rd, Nongbone Village, Saysetttha District, Vientiane Capital

Indochina Laos Banks

The clients can be saving accounts, fixed Installment Deposits, premium banks, loans, Money transfers, fix Deposit Accounts. The visitors travel to Pakse attractions haven’t to worry about transfer money. After all, all the banks you can believe and can go to if you have any problem with the finance, exchange money, or invest in Laos.