Laos is known as a country with much pure nature. If you are planning to make an adventure tour in Laos, Khammoune is the best suggestion for you. Visiting the famous historic places, the oldest temples and many splendid caves are the exciting experiences. Come to Khammoune and sure that you will know many knowledge about Laos history as well as Laos country which you only see on the Internet.

That Sikhottabong – the Ancient Stupa in Khammoune

Sikhottabong in Khammoune and That Inghang stupa in Savannakhet were built at the same time in the Sikhottabong Empire for keeping the bones of Lord Buddha. At first, it was built by King Nanthasene for King Soummitham and then it was restored by King Saysetthathirath in the 16th century. Like other festivals in the stupa, the Sikhottabong Stupa Festival is organized on the third month of lunar calendar. One of the special things is that the golden stupa is 29 meter high, is regarded as one of the most sacred sites in Laos. To get Sikhottabong Stupa, you can get a tuk-tuk, along with the bank of the Mekong River, it’s about 6 kilometers from Thakek.

Things to do and see in Khammuoune

The Giant Wall in Khammoune (Kampaengyak)

The Giant wall in Khammoune which is known as one of the famous histories in Laos. This great construction was built in the 9th century by the ancient Sikhottabong Kingdom. The locals say that however, that is a natural sandstone formation which was incorporated into the civilization’s defense system. If you want to visit this history sites, the best place to visit the Giant Wall is 8 kilometers north of Thakhek on route 13 where the hight of its reaches 16 meters with an unbroken section that is 75 meters long. Besides the Giant Wall, there is a small shrine constructed by the French that contains a statue of the Virgin Mary.

the giant wall

Old Thakek Town – A Miniature French City in Khammouane

Thakhaek is known as the provincial capital of Khammouane Province, the place attracts many tourists when traveling in Khammouane. Here are the sites owned much of architecture which can be traced to French colonial construction in the early 20th century. Thakhaek, its means in Laos language is “guest land”, a reference to its earlier role as a boat landing for foreign traders. The center of the old town can be found around the fountain square near the river where many old buildings remain. During the French colonial period, Thakhaek was an important city, both for trade along the Mekong as well as a defensive outpost on the front lines. As a result, this is the strong French Presence, which is a lot of French colonial style buildings around town from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, so if you fancy the things like that, strolling around the old city area can be a pleasant way to pass some time. Each of the building has different architecture and owned five or six blocks for the plaza. In fact, there are much new building replaced it. However, few of the buildings have been restored to any degree, although some have been modernized with aluminum doors and windows.

Old Thakek Town

Muang Phone Stupa – the Home of Buddhist Monks in Khammouane

Muang Phone Stupa is one of the most worshipped shrines in Thakhek district. and its secluded location is regarded as the home of Buddhist Monks. Additionally, the stupa is known as the most successful construction during the 6th – 8th century and was restored in 1963. After spending the time to visit Muang Phone stupa, you also can move to see Tham Phachanh Cave which also owned much beauty from nature. To get Muang Phone Stupa, you can reach by taking road 12 to kilometer 14 and then turn left and follow a dirt path for 16 kilometers, you will see the stupa which located northeast of Thakhaek.

Muang Phone Stupa