Champasak is focusing on distinctive festivities and various in a bid to lure more tourists to the southern province during Laos vacation 2019. Feel free and enjoy yourself in Laos festival in Champasak, 2019.

The Plans for Attracting Tourists in 2019 from The Champassak’s Government

According to the report from Deputy Director of the provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department, Champassak has improved many services and tourist attractions and is offering new and exciting activities as it prepares to welcome more visitors during the promotional year, 2019. Travel to Champassak in this year, you can see a new experience. The Champassak’s Government promised that they have made the plan to improve the skills of tourism-related officials and tour guides as well as hotel and restaurant services, they also improve the standard of their products.

Champasak The Best Place Attracting Tourists for Laos Tourism in 2019

The Highlight Festivals in Champasak, 2019

The Elephant Festival in Champasak

The elephant festival in Kiet Ngong village, and included elephant and street parades, a Baci ceremony for elephants. Visitors can taste traditional performances by local students and other activities.

elephant festival in chamapasak

Wat Phou Festival in Champasak, 2019

The ruins of Wat Phou temple in Champasak are known as more than 1000 years old. The annual festival is held to revere the temple complex, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. In this year 2019, the Department will hold the Wat Phou Festival from February 17-19 with many interesting activities including the concert, parades by local residents from nine district and an exhibition of Local products. Don’t worry about the fee, the Festival admission is free with car parking set at 60,000 kips per vehicle. Visitors can enter the site from 8 am to 5 pm every day to workship at Buddha images and take pictures of many ancient structures and panoramic views.

Boun Suang Heua ( Boat Racing Festival)

The festival is annually organized to express people’s appreciation to the Mekong River for supporting their life. At each temple as well as at Mekong River bank, they organize the ceremonies with the splendid decoration. The Boat racing is officially held only in Wat Luang temple. On the first day in the early morning Buddhist gather at each temple and give alms to monks and in return, the monks bless the people.
On the same day in the evening, people gather together and parade around the temple three times following the monks with candles. After the parade, some groups prepare “ Lay Huaphai”, the long boats made by bamboo and banana trees, and put them on the river. In the boats, everything need for the festival is prepared carefully such as cakes, foods, flowers, and many colored candles which make the atmosphere become more colorful. People also prepare “ Krathong”, smaller boats made by banana trees, and put the candle in them. The boat racing ceremony will start On the second day at around 7:00 am at the Sedon River. Of course, the boats from other districts will combat together in Champasak.

Boat Racing Festival

Boun Makhaboucha

Boun Makhaboucha is one of the festivals held on the full moon to come morale the speech given by the Lord Buddha to 1250 enlightened monks that gather spontaneously, without prior notice, and in the evening, people walking around the temple with holding candles in this ceremony known as Vien Tian.

Boun Khaochi

This is a kind of festival in Champasak, a special offering of sticky rice is coated with eggs then roasted and offered to the monk. This ceremony is associated with Makhaboucha. So you can deep into both of the colorful festivals.

Boun Visakha Bucha

Boun Visakha Bucha which festival celebrated the birth, and death of the Lord Buddha. The festival is held on the 15th day of the sixth lunar month Beautiful.

Rocket Festival ( Boun Bang Fai)

During this exciting festival, giant rockets constructed out of bamboo are shot into the sky making quite a spectacular site and a lot of loud bangs. Each village takes its rocket to the temple first, making an offer, before setting it into the sky.

Boun Khao Phansa

The festival which is held on the full moon marks beginning of the Buddha Lent, a three month period where monks are required to stay within their Wat to meditate and focus on drama studies. One of the special in this festival, Lao men, who are traditionally chosen as monks during this time.

Boun Khao Padabdin

Boun Khao Padabin is one of the special offerings are made to the deceased on the new moon of the 9th lunar month.

Boun Khao Salak

This is a kind of festival offerings including daily necessities such as books, pens, sugar, and coffee are made to specific monks based on a lottery system. People also give beautiful wax flower candles to the monks to gain merit.

boun khao salak

Boun Ok Phansa

Most of the festival in Laos is held on the full moon which marks the end of the rainy season, on these days monks who were ordained for the three months Lent period to leave the temples. After that, you can take part in their families Banana leaf boats called Heua Fai, which are launched on rivers with offerings of incense, candles and small amounts of money to bring luck and prosperity.

Best Highlight Attractions in Champasak 2019

Here are the best destinations always is known by the tourists when travel to Champasak and promise will become a hot spot in Laos holiday. The ruins of Wat Phou temple are more than the 1000-year-old, the annual festival is held to revere the temple complex, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Time for tourists enter this place from 8 am to 5 pm every day to worship at Buddha images and take the pictures of many ancient structures and panoramic view.
Due to belonging to the south of Laos, Champasak has numerous popular tourist sites, both nature-based and historical. It can be said Champasak is the destination tourists cannot miss during their stay in Laos
Among the natural wonders are Khonphapheng, Tad Fan and Tad Yeuang waterfall with activities ranging from adventure treks and ziplining to rest and recuperation in the lap of nature. Visitors can also enjoy produce from the Bolaven Plateau, including its famed coffee.

Best Highlight Attractions in Champasak