The Journey Went off What We Expected

A journey from Laos

Group name: Elliott Weller
Group Size: 2
Tour Name: Highlights of Laos – 7 Days
Nationality: Australia
My peers in Melbourne used to experience a Laos tour of Go Laos Tours, so they suggested to me this company. We connect a link to Tracey to book a package that lasts 1 week. She was so nice replying to us so fast, clarifying all of our inquiring along with supplying valuable and practical recommendations. The journey went off what we expected. We gained awesome minutes coming to both far-famed tourist destinations and untouched places in Laos. The local guides were pretty enthusiastic caring us through the entire trip, providing us oriental historical and cultural knowledge, was willing to interpret whenever needed; the capable drivers always wore a smile on their lips taking us in a very long way. Subsequently, we were arranged to stay in equipped hotels then admired magnificent World Heritage Sites. We were freaking satisfied with yummy local dishes on the route. Send a big thanks to Tracey for tailoring such a great journey for us!

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