The Prostitution in Laos – Things You Should Know

The Prostitution in Laos – Things You Should Know

Prostitution in Laos is known as a criminal activity and become the subject to severe prosecution, while this number is less than neighboring Thailand. In fact, The Laos society doesn’t back up these social evils, however, it’s still active in the dark. Recently, the tourists travel to Laos is increasing sharply is not only by traveling, but also they drop in Laos to find the “Partners” for Prostitution which the Government can’t control.

Where is the Root of the Prostitution?

Most prostitutes in Laos are from poor rural Laotian family, especially, the ethnic minorities, they don’t have work and lazy who earn money from prostitution. Some of the women choose Laos is the main destination but others choose Thailand to work as a sex worker due to the higher profits. Therefore, Laos has become as a source country for women and girls trafficked to commercial sexual exploitation in Thailand.

prostitution in Laos

What is Causes of Prostitution in Laos?

It can deny that poverty in Laos is the main cause of increased prostitution in Laos. Definitely, the Laos border is adjacent to Thailand, the country is famous about the sex. The Report published in 2012 said that “ Have sex is an easy and good source of income compared to other jobs. Additionally, this work is suitable for a low – educated person because they needn’t much more skills or formal training in the bar and it’s quick to learn”


Best Places to Meet a Female Sex Worker

Nothing to say that brothels are prohibited by Lao law. Most of the places of entertainment employed the female wax worker as the hostesses, such as beer bars, drink shop, karaoke bars, nightclubs, guest houses, and restaurants. Although they serve beer and snacks, they also sell sex. The sexual services are provided in guest houses, hotels, or the client’s room, sometimes, they take place in remote areas. One of the hot place, the county’s Golden triangle special economic zone in Bokeo Province which is call a mecca of gambling, prostitution and illicit trade.

 Female Sex Worker in Laos

No Sex Tourism with Children in Laos

Although the law of Laos does not contain penalties for child prostitution, there will have the penalty for sex with a child with a fine of 500.000 to three million kips ( nearly $60 to $360) and 5 years prison. In recent years, a general increase in tourism in the country and a concomitant rise in child sex tourism in Southeast Asia. The Government has informed for many hotels in Vientiane and Luang Prabang hang the banners “No sex with Child” and this movement is approved by the whole society.

Gay Sex in Laos

Sex tourism in Laos is not only between men and women, recently, but many tourists also come to Laos just only find “their partners”, one of them, it contains Gay Sex. Actually, it very hard to understand this situation, but it exists in Laos. the variety of men who have sex with men is enormous in terms of ages, class, region, and ethnicity. When they hire a room in a hotel, for gay sex, they can easily share your room with others. If a tourist wants to date with a local might meet with some negative reaction because folks will assume the local person is a sex trade worker. Theoretically, sex between tourists and local is against the law but this hardly ever enforced.

The Awareness of Laotian about Prostitution

The information about the treatment regarding AIDS/HIV still is limited in Laos because of conservative culture and sensitivity towards sexuality. Many individuals said that the fear of going to health facilities for treatment due to social discrimination regarding pre-marital sex and clinicians negative attitudes toward this disease. However, the Lao still lack much knowledge, although they are adjacent to the information on radio or television. That is really difficult with the rural areas

The Lao Awareness about Prostitution

HIV/AIDS – The Most Serious Disease in Prostitution

In the report, they estimated that between 0.8 percent and 4.2 percent of the female sex worker in Laos affected with HIV/AIDS, in 2004. After a decade, this number seems not to decrease, take 0.2 percent the Laos population. In 2019, they estimate that the number of women aged 15 living with HIV decrease much more than the past buy the punish of Laos law.
After all, Laos is not a country for prostitution completely. Don’t come to Laos to find “the partners”, let’s explore the real Laos which actually have more natural beauty more than you know on the internet. Travel Laos in the right way, go Laos Tours, not for Laos sex tours.