Top Things To Do And See in Pakse

Things To Do And See in Pakse

Founded by the French in 1905, Paske boasts many ancient Chinese society buildings which remain from the colonial era. It is the first destination you step your foot on if you are traveling overland from Thailand. Now Pakse is one of the largest cities of Laos and growing quickly. Pakse is attracting more and more tourists thanks to the stunning attractions such as the Bolaven Plateau and the Si Phan Don area. Here are the top 5 things to do and see in Pakse we recommended for you in your Laos trips. Enjoy reading!

Appreciating the Wat Phou

Located on the outskirts of Pakse, Wat Phou is a wonderful place for lovers of history and architecture. Listed as the UNESCO World Heritage, Wat Phou is a 10th century Khmer temple comprising a number of barays, two palaces, several small shrines, a processional walkway, and the main sanctuary. In the past, it was a temple dedicated to Shiva who is one of the Gods of the Hindu Trimurti. The temple was converted into a Buddhist monastery in the 13th century. Nowadays, it is still is the place of worship for local Buddhists. On the highest terrace is the main sanctuary which enshrined the linga, the representation of Shiva. Visit Wat Phou you will have a chance to admire the unique architecture of the temple as well as climb up to the 70 meters high to get the panoramic view of the town.

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Visiting The Palace of Prince Boun Oum Na Champasak

This wedding-cake-style building was built as a palace for Chao Boun Oum who is the last prince of Champasak. He is a Laotian politician who renounced his rights as heir to the throne of Champasak and became known for his rightist, pro-Western positions. The palace hotel guarantees you a wonderful time with delicious meals in the graceful restaurant and luxury guestrooms. The hotel’s on-site restaurant serves both local and international dishes. With 550,000K you will have a VIP room with parquet floors and panoramic views. Do not forget to relax in the hotel’s sauna and enjoy massage service.

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Exploring local history at Champasak Provincial Museum

Located along the National Highway on Route 13; of the eastern section of the city’s downtown area, Champasak Provincial Museum is a perfect place to learn more about the beginnings of the province. Visit Champasak Provincial Museum, you can admire a ton of artifacts and learn more about local history. There are many documents about the history of Champasak province, inscribed steles, ancient pottery as well as sandstone lintels from the ancient Khmer temple Uo Moung. The ticket price is 5,000 Kip per person. Note that, this museum opens daily from 8.30 am until 4 pm with the lunch break between 11.30 am and 1 pm.

Contemplating relics Wat Luang temple

Another temple worth a visit is the Wat Pha Bat or temple of the Buddha footprint. It is a large temple on the banks of the Xe Don river, across the street from the Champasak Palace Hotel. Built in 1935, It is one of the most beautiful temples in Pakse which is decorated with impressive murals. This temple is not used as a wat but also as a Buddhist college. Visit it you will be impressed with many chedis in various styles there. You will see a lot of funerary reliquaries lining the front of the temple compound. The largest one houses the ashes of a former prime minister from pre-revolutionary times.

Experiencing a homestay in Ban Saphai Village

From Pakse, you also can visit the silk weaving village of Ban Saphai where most houses are built in traditional Lao style and all on stilts. People take advantage of the cool space beneath the house to weave fabric and spin thread when they are not busy at cultivating local crops of corn, watermelon, and rice. Come to Ban Saphai, visitors also have a chance to attend Lao-style fishing trips and lesson sin silk weaving organized by local peoples. Textiles are considered as the best souvenirs in this Mekong-hugging village. Therefore, do not forget to pick up some unique handmade gifts for your family members and friends.

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Admiring Ancient Khmer Temples

Located on the side of a symbolic mountainside called Phu Kao, the Wat Phou Hindu temple complex is another sacred place you cannot miss in your Laos tours. Dating to the 5th and 6th centuries AD, the complex is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Hiking up a few flights of stone stairs you will reach the temple sanctuary on the final terrace. That sanctuary is dedicated to the Hindu deity of Shiva. The most impressive things of Wat Phou are the breathtaking carvings cutting deep into the stone. They are true masterpieces of intricate craftsmanship.

Guide For Visiting Pakse

You can easily get to Pakse by air. There are direct flights to Pakse from several destinations such as Bangkok, Siem Reap, Luang Prabang, Vientiane, and Savannakhet. Another way is taking a flight to Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand before going overland into Pakse. From Ubon Ratchathani, you can take a private taxi or bus to Pakse. You can take the bus at 9.30 am or 3.30 pm. The trip will take you about 3 hours and cost 200 Thai Baht. Take a tuk tuk to get to downtown Pakse.
Because the downtown Pakse area is small, you can explore on foot. If you take a tuk tuk, it will cost about 5,000 to 10,000 Kip per person depending on the number of passengers and distance. You also can book a private taxi at a travel agent or hotel.
With the useful information above, hope you have wonderful Laos tours!

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