Wat Ho Phra Keo

Wat Ho Phra Keo, Vientiane

Among the thousands of mesmerizing sights, Wat Ho Phra Keo shines brightly as a must-visit highlight. Its intricate architecture and spiritual ambiance make it a standout among the crowd of attractions. Embark on your Laos tour and immerse yourself in the beauty of Vientiane, where Wat Ho Phra Keo awaits, ready to mesmerize you with its timeless allure.

Wat Ho Phra Keo, Vientiane
Wat Ho Phra Kaew is a former temple in the city of Vientiane

Wat Ho Phra Keo Quick Facts

  • Ho Phra Keo means ‘Altar of the Emerald Buddha’ because the only altar remains, whreas, the statue was removed.
  • The wat was first constructed 1565, on the ground of the royal palace; however, it was damaged due to the invasion of Siamese between 1828 and 1829.
  • The temple’s interior is a museum which becomes home to a huge collection of Laos treasures including stone tablets, wooden carvings, palm-leaf manuscripts, glided throne and bronze frog drums.
  • There is lush garden with different types of flowers, coupled with lawns and statues set among shady trees
Wat Ho Phra Keo, Vientiane
Wat Ho Phra Keo is a Buddhist museum as well as a place of worship

Wat Ho Phra Keo Highlights

It cannot be denied that Wat Ho Phra Keo is one of the most impressive and imposing temple of the city. Its first construction in 1565 served the function of a royal family’s personal chapel as well as a place for the Emerald Buddha. Time has gone by and Wat Ho Phra Keo is not used as a religious place but it is today a museum.

A visit to the museum, you will have a great chance to marvel at carved wooden features, lacquered door, Hindu carvings and Buddha statues of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Especially, temple stairs represent a dragon with its head facing the ground.

Wat Ho Phra Keo, Vientiane
The wooden ceiling and doors of Wat Ho Phra Keo are all carved with intricate detailing are still intact

Further information

  • Opening hours: It opens 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:00
  • Location: On the corner of Thanon Setthathilath and Thanon Mahosot, next to the Presidential Palace