Feedback of Mr. Jayden on 9 days Laos Vacation

Group Name: Mr. Jayden 
Group Size: 10
Tour Name: Mystery of Laos
Date Travel: June 2019
Nationality: USA

Hi Rebecca,

We had an authentic experience in Laos after 9 days tour by Go Laos Tours. We knew Go Laos Tours on the internet. Thank you for supporting us during these wonderful days in Laos. On these days in the land of a million elephants, we were guided by Mr. Vanpheng with his super knowledge about the historical sites and his excellent English. In our Laos Tour, we also had a chance to join in the morning alms giving which remind us whenever we miss to Laos. Honestly, before planing to our vacation, we thought that Laos was boring, but until we set our foot in Laos, we have a different sight on it. Once again, thank Go Laos Tours had given us an amazing trip!

Best regards,

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