Khun Flower – the Symbol of Luck in Laos

Khun Flower – the Symbol of Luck in Laos

If “Dok Champa” is considered the symbol of Laos national flower, in Laos there is a unique flower bloom only in April to celebrate at the Boun Pi Mai festival and Lao people honor that flower as the flower of luck. They call Khun flower. When going Laos tours, you travel through the strip of land where you see Khun flowers blooming. If you come to Vientiane, you will find that Vientiane is more beautiful every day. Moreover, it becomes even more shining and sparkling than many times when flowers bloom on the streets.

The Meaning of Khun Flower

On the New Year’s Day, people pick the flowers in the morning. Lao people believe that picking flower like find the luck. On this day, there is no place without Khun flowers. It has a strong attachment to the Lao people at everywhere such as flowers on the motorcycle or on the car, flowers in front of the house, flowers in the hotel, flowers in the bathtub and flower flowers in the festivals.

Khun Flower the Symbol of Luck in Laos Laos tours

Many tourists come to Laos wonder why are the Champa flowers and black flowers available in the bathtub of the Buddha? The answer is that the Champa flower is used to make the water smell good for the Buddha, and Khun flowers to make the nest for the basin more fragrant and bring happiness and luck. Visitors traveling in Laos on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, you will see these pots of water are sold in front of the gate to bathe for Buddha and pray for peace.

Characteristics of Khun Flower

Referring to Khun flowers, few people know about the color of Khun flower – a yellow like the color of the lemon. The flowers are not only fresh, luxurious, but they are also charming. This flower is very strange; it only blossoms in April, the month of the Boun Pi Mai festival, Khun flower as the signal of the end of the dry long month. When looking at this flower, you are immersed in the color of the petals but charming.

Boun Pi Mai festival

Khun flower is a hardwood tree with lush foliage, it is suitable for the hot dry climate. In April, Khun flowers bloom just only a month. When dropped to the ground, the petals still hold the jerseys of the original flower with bright yellow color and rustic beauty.

On these days, visitors will be amazed at the beauty of Khun flowers and take pictures as souvenirs. There were few visitors to pick up Khun bring their home, hoping to create a flower in their country. In the bunch of Khun flower, there are many black fruits placed close together, creating an exciting feeling of survival. By the end of April, the flowers are dying and the fruit is falling, it is willing to prepare for a new generation of Khun, continuing the next April, for the Boun Pi May -Lao New Year. It can be said that Khun flowers are precious flowers – the symbol of Laotian culture – a flower brings good luck and peace.