When you are traveling in Laos, you will be amazed by their sophisticating weaving skill. In each market, it is not hard to encounter shops which offer you a wide range of colorful, refined silk from a traditional pattern to the modern one. These have contributed to the creation of Laotian traditional clothes (the “sinh” and the “salong”), a very special and unique costumes reflecting Laotian custom. Let’s find out more about the origin and features of Laotian costume.

Laotian Traditional Costumes

Laotian Traditional Costumes

Laos Traditional Costumes – The “Sinh” & The “Salong”

Laotian knows how to weave from a very early age since weaving is an essential skill for every woman to claim their artfulness. A good wife is considered to be the one who can weave well. Laotian traditional costumes for the woman is the “sinh” (English meaning clothes), but actually, it is a traditional tube skirt made of silk. If you have had a chance to visit Thailand or Cambodia, you will realize that the “Sinh” is a little bit similar to Thais or Cambodia traditional skirt. It is understandable because they are three neighbor countries.

Laotian Traditional Costumes

Laos bride and groom in traditional wedding clothing

“Sinh” consists of 3 main parts “hua sinh”, the waistband part; “phuen sinh” the body of the skirts which is usually empty and don’t have many decorations and tin sinh, the lower border which contains golden decoration. When Laotian woman wear “sinh”, on top they will have scarves with the same decoration crossing over their body.

“Salong” is the traditional costume for Laotian man. The big difference between “Salong” and “Sinh” is that it is a big pant or peasant pant

Laos Traditional Costumes in Holidays & Festivals

Laotian traditional costume often wears on important occasion or ceremony and in many rural areas, you will easily catch a glimpse of children wearing “tube skirts” to school. Otherwise, “sinh” and “salong” are various in colors and depends on their occasions such as a wedding or funeral of the festival.

Wedding: Wedding ceremony in Laos is an important occasion. The groom and the bride will wear the traditional costumes with bright color and gold details, which represents the propensity. The richer the family is, the more sophisticating the clothes are.

Festival: Festival is the time when people join together and share happiness all around. Therefore, the custom is very colorful and in the bright color.

Other Facts about Laos Costumes

Nowadays, people in the capital or central places do not usually the traditional clothes but it is a typical thing in Laos’ rural area. The high quality ”Sinh” or “Salong” is made of silk and is used in ceremony and festival. Meanwhile, the “sinh” which is worn everyday life in the rural area, is made of cotton weaving and cooler, more comfortable to carry out daily tasks.

Laotian Traditional Costumes

Laos dance group from Lanexang Village in traditional clothing