Top 5 The Specialist Characteristics of Lao People

Top 5 The Specialist Characteristics of Lao

Travel to Laos, you not only have the chance to visit the famous landscape, enjoy the special Lao food, you can also communicate with the Lao friends. Lao people are well-known kind and have generous souls. Whenever you come to Laos, they welcome you by a shining smile, tell you about their culture and tradition. After all, Here is the specialist characteristic of the Lao.

1. The Lao is Super Friendly

Definitely! Anyone come to Laos, they always give you a smile. Lao people greet each other with a warm wave and say “Saibaidee”. Especially, you are the foreigner, It seems that there are no limitations in Laos, that feeling as you are welcomed in your country. Don’t need the language to communicate, you still feel their friendliness by their face and action.

The Specialist Characteristics of Lao People

2. “Bo Pen Nyang” Lifestyle

From the past, reminding Lao People, the sentence “ Laotian Don’t Rush”. It’s true that they are slowly through their life in an unhurried and unworried way which can be baffling and frustrating to Western sensibilities. The “bo pen nyang” lifestyle is something loved in Lao culture. Depending on the situation, Po Pen Nyang take on different meanings. Sometimes, it can be understood that “No problem”, “ forgive and forget your action” or “never mind”. So, don’t pay much attention to it. Take it off and relax.

3. Family is always First

It’s rare to see a Lao workaholic. They always put their family first over their profits which become their culture. That is the reason why we see Laos today, lack of infrastructure, education and efficient governance, yet the Lao family unit remains resilient. In Lao culture, the husband will move to live with his wife’s family but he still holds the purse strings. In Lao family, there are many generations will live together and sharing the work and living communally. After all, although they lack infrastructure, they are rich in sentiment.

Lao Family

4.Laotian with Respect yet Brutally Honest

In fact, the Lao culture is very complimentary. Paying a compliment is the way Laotian show respect and build a new relation. They also comment flatly about your appearance, food preference and actions. If you wear a sinh of the shirt, surely you will get complimented. However, the Lao also give you a direct comment about your chubbiness or ugliness, so feel pleased and don’t be stressful with this problem.

5. Have a Good Sense of Humor

The characteristic of Laotian is light, they do not worry anything instead of loving a good practical joke. They are quick to laugh and light-hearted. Rarely do you hear Lao people raising their voice in anger instead of hearing a group of people chatting and laughing and ragging on each other. Sometimes, the story is just about life or the gossip story which make them happy all day.

Good Sense of Humor in Laotian