Top 6 Dos & Don’ts in Laos Tradition & Culture

Top 6 Dos & Don’ts in Laos Tradition & Culture

Most of the tourists traveling in Laos feel welcomed by friendly locals, which express one of the traditions and cultures of Laotian. Perhaps Laos is the country where most of the population is Buddhist. That is the reason why the tradition and culture in Laos always respected. To protect your own safety as well as to protect the beauty of Laos tradition and culture, here are some things you should remember to not do in Laos to sure your  Laos trip is smooth.Top 6 Dos & Dont's in Laos Tradition and Culture

Don’t Touch the Monk in Buddhist Culture of Laos

In Laos, If you are the tourist who is the first time come to Laos, touching a monk or novice is considered rude, and is totally taboo, especially, you are a woman. Women should also be careful not to accidentally rub the cloak on the street, in a temple or share tuk-tuk. In Laos tradition, Women should not give anything directly to a monk but instead should transfer the item to a male mediator. The only exception to this rule is to give morning offerings to monks by offering food or money to monks.Do Not Touch the Monk in Laos

Don’t Touch the Lao People with Your Feet

Step over someone who seating the height of rudeness in Lao culture. It is the same for accidentally kicking or brushing another person with your feet at a table. The best way is to keep your feet on the floor, not tucked under you or on a chair or propped up on a table. It’s taboo.

Avoid Wearing Your Shoes inside a Home or Temple of Laotian

As in most Southeast Asia, shoes are placed outside the home and barefooted into the home. In Laos, a number of stores, as well as restaurants, also apply to this culture. Even if your landlord tells you that you can keep your shoes, if they do, you should also remove your shoes. Laotians want to keep their faces and can tell you one thing when they really want you to do other things.Avoid Wearing Your Shoes inside a Home or Temple Laos

Don’t Shout, Argue or Rush to Laotian

The Lao people are very friendly, they don’t want to argue loudly with anyone. In Laos, there is not a strong bargaining culture. Don’t argue the price down further. The Laotian is very slow, that’s the reason why the service is also slow in the shops as well as restaurants. Keep patient ! and don’t expect anyone to rush due to your hurry. If you are used to hurrying, take it easy, enjoy the peace without rush and unstress in Lao lifestyle.

Don’t Make Public Displays of Affection in Laos Culture

Laotians often do not publicly share affection between friends or lovers in a romantic way, even hugs in public places. It is illegal for foreigners to engage in sexual activity with a Lao outside of marriage. This applies to heterosexual relationships as well as LGBTQ( Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer) relationships.

Bathe Nude or Walk Around with a Bikini is Taboo in Laos

when swimming, you will see Lao people with fully clothed, wrapped in a sarong or even in jeans. Especially, the Lao women swimming they bring a sarong. Once you’re in the water you can take it off but you will avoid uncomfortable stares and blend in better. Additionally, if you walk around the town in swimwear is not culturally acceptable for man or women. So when you go swimming or tubing, remember to bring a shirt or sarong to cover up when you get out of the water. That is really necessary to protect the Laos tradition and culture.Walk Around with a Bikini is Taboo in Laos