Vieng Xay Cave in Laos – Explore the Underground World

Vieng Xay Cave in Laos - Explore the Underground World

As you embark on your Laos tour, one destination that should not be missed is the Vieng Xay Cave. Nestled in Hua Phan province, this captivating cave holds both significant historical importance and natural beauty. Exploring the Vieng Xay Cave not only allows you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking wonders of nature, but also provides a profound education on the illustrious history of Laos, known as the “Million Elephant Country.” A visit to Vieng Xay Cave during your Laos tour offers a unique opportunity to delve into the glorious past of this resilient nation while being surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes.

Vieng Xay Cave in Laos

The Stunning Sceneries & Rich History of Vieng Xai Cave

The Stunning Sceneries

Vieng Xai cave is the largest cave formation, located in Hua Phan Province, Northern Laos, near the Vietnamese border. Hidden among the spectacular range of limestone mountains is a complex network of caves. Tourists are allowed to conquer 7 out of 500 caves in the system, find the fascinating things about the cave during the war, and admire the majestic and picturesque scenery of Vieng Xai. The area around Vieng Xai is beautiful, dotted with limestone peaks, paddies field, and scattered among mountains and rivers. Very few people living around here so it feels like you are truly immersed yourself in the pristine nature and the historic time.

The Rich History of Vieng Xai Cave

Vieng Xai cave is a historical witness during the wartime from 1964-1975 that the United States of America waged on Laos. The cave was completed successfully its mission as a huge bomb-shelter, protect Laotian from the pain of the dramatic war. The Pathet Laos established the cave to an amazing complex network with full facilities from bedrooms, offices, school, bakery, hospital, market to government bureaucracies. It looks like a whole mini-city and it is truly impressive. More than 20.000 people lived here while two million tons of bombs were dropped on Laos. The heavier the aerial onslaught dropped, the more steadfast the cave is as a hero save his small beloved country.

Vieng Xai Caves Laos

The cave has been maintained well so a number of important relics are still there. The structure is similar to Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam but in a much bigger dimension. Take a tour and see how sophisticated the Laotian made all the rooms inside the cave. Vieng Xai caves were shrouded until it was opened to the world in 2007. A peaceful Vieng Xai now is far stepped out from the dark days.

How to Get to the Vieng Xai Cave

You can spend at least one or two days here to relax and explore the cave completely. It offers travel services such as hotels and guest houses, restaurants, and vehicles. From Sam Neua – the provincial capital of Hua Phan Province, you and catch a quick songthaew from the southern bus station to Vieng Xai at 8:30 am with the price of 25.000 kips. The other option is to book a taxi with 150.000 kips or rent a motorbike or take a public bus at 9.45 am for the cheaper price, this way more caves can be seen.

Vieng Xay Cave Tour

To discover the “Hidden City”, the Vieng Xai Caves visitor center offers tourists 2 tours in English every day starting at 9:00 am and 13:00 pm with 60.000 kips. For that reason, don’t worry if you miss a bus or come late in the morning, you can totally take the other tour. You can also take a tour at other times but charge an extra 50.000 kips per group. The tour lasts about 2.5 hours and includes a local guide with an excellent English level and a narrated audiobook.

Vieng Xai Caves - Life Underground

Besides, you can hire a standard bicycle with 20.000 kips per day or a mountain bike with 30.000 kips from the cave’s visitor center to explore the area around Vieng Xai caves. It is expected to have so many interesting things to discover for yourself. After the tour, you can take a rest and eat tasty Indian and Laotian food here at a reasonable price. The ATM is available nearby for convenience.

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