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Where to Buy Handicrafts in Vientiane

Handicraft is commonly chosen as a souvenir by tourists when traveling one country because this reflects the culture, tradition of that land. Laos is known as a nation which has not almost been overwhelmed by the modernity yet, so the amount of local products that bring the spirit of people here is very diverse. Therein, the capital Vientiane can be regarded as the location containing a lot of addresses for buying handmade things for foreigners during their Laos tour. Here are top 5 best destinations to purchase handicrafts in Vientiane:

Carol Cassidy Lao Textiles

Located at 84-86 Rue Nokeokoummane, Vientiane, Carol Cassidy Lao Textiles is much more than a souvenir shop. It can be said that this is the most wonderful place to buy weavings in Vientiane. Coming here, you will be mesmerized by the talented weavers. There are fifteen female weavers are making silk products such as clothes, scarves…here. Especially, you can freely watch the women carefully work and the owner does not push you to buy, but perhaps you cannot resist these extremely great things because of its complicacy, its beauty as well as its value.
Address: 84-86 Rue Nokeokoummane, Vientiane, Laos
Tel: +856 21 212 123Carol Cassidy Lao Textiles


Mixay Boutique

Mixay Boutique is really worth a glimpse when you traveling the capital Vientiane. This shop sells a variety of local items such as clothes, scarves, bags… They are mainly made of silk at the reasonable prices. The staff is also helpful and friendly.


This lovely boutique offers a wide selection of beautiful handicrafts from rural villages around Laos. Purchasing stuff here is a meaningful way to support artisans because most of them are handicapped people and women getting out of prostitution. The price here is very reasonable.
Address: 97/1 Ban Watchan of Rue Chao Anou, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane, Laos
Tel: +856 20 96 345 586Saoban Crafts Vientiane

Phaeng Mai Gallery

There are about 40 weavers here working on a diversity of many different products with various types and designs. You will have the opportunity to witness a lot of great skills going into the products here. Every item is incredible. They are the results of the hard-working process of the local ladies. Especially, it is no pressure for you to buy anything.
Address: 117 Nongbouathong Tai Village Sikhottabong District P.O. Box 1790. Vientiane, Laos.
Tel/Fax: 856 21 217341
Email: Phaengmai@laotel

Talat Khuadin Market

If you want to find several silk dresses or skirts which are typical products of Laos, Khuadin Market is on the top recommended places for those things with inexpensive prices. The crafts, weavings and many rural products are transported to here for selling. Besides exquisite handicrafts, you can encounter a lot of interesting things here like street food, agricultural products, fruits…
Address: On Nong Khuang Rd, behind Talat Sao, VientianeTalat Khuadin Market Vientiane