Top 5 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Laos

Top 5 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Laos

After a big day, many couples find it difficult to decide where they should go for their honeymoon trip. If the honeymoon tour in Europe or East Asia is so luxury for you, why not choose the new highlight destination in the Indochina? One of them, Laos is more impressing, the land with the picturesque scenery sure become the unmissable experience of the lifetime. Nothing is more interesting when companying with your partner exploring the laid-back pace of life, beautiful sights of fall villages, field, etc. In Laos, surely that your honeymoon journey sweeter and meaningful. Go Laos Tours and enjoy the best destinations with your life partner.

Luang Prabang – The Timeless Beauty for Honeymoon

Luang Prabang is well known as UNESCO World Heritage City, the ancient town is the perfect site to unwind after your wedding. The first site is the Kuang Si Waterfall which is not only the most famous fall but also the most romantic spots in Laos. In Kuang Si Waterfall, besides swimming in cool crystal blue water, join in other exciting activities for the couples to experience such as jumping from the tree, climbing up to the rock, standing on the wooden bridge to see the entire natural spectacle.

Kuang Si Waterfall honeymoon destinations in Laos

Additionally, Luang Prabang is also famous for its miraculous temples, so don’t miss a sacred trip to wats. The splendid Wat Xieng Thong become an important item of Lao culture, history, and architecture. The most outstanding of the temple is a mosaic in a tree referring to a tree of life.

Vang Vieng – The Best Destination for the Couples

It’s not strange when Vang Vieng listed as the destination for honeymooners because of its own peace and beauty. Discovering several picturesque caves together is an unnecessary thing when you spending time in this town. Tham Chang Cave consists of a large number of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. There is a story that if you touch the golden crab stalactites here, you will receive much more happiness in the future. Besides, Tham Phu Kham, Tham Hoi, or Tham Nam are also the caves you should consider.

vang_vieng honeymoon laos

Your honeymoon days in Vang Vieng will be more interesting by romantic space when sitting on a boat drifting downstream on the Nam Song River or standing on the footbridge over the river and sightseeing charming scenery. Traveling around Vang Vieng with bikes is a great idea for the couples. Imagine that both of you will go together and see lush green rice paddies, large limestone karsts, bamboo houses, and meet some people belonging to ethnic minorities and dressing in traditional clothes. That’s great!

4000 Islands – The Best Place You Should Go for Honeymoon Days in Laos

400 Islands or Si Pha Don will help your honeymoon holiday closer to the natural. Surely that one of the things the couples want to do together is walking or cycling across the bridge between Don Khon and Don Det Island. Along the trip, you can see freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins, rare species of dolphins protected at Don Khon Island.

4000 island honeymoon in laos

Furthermore, the waterfall also makes impress for the couples by the charming beauty such as Tad Somphamit, Khon Phapheng, Si Pha Don. There are also have activities they can do together like tubing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing. Si Phan Don attracting honeymoon is that there are a variety of pretty bungalows with hammocks.

Pakse – The Newest Highlights for Honeymoon in Laos

Pakse city is the most suitable place for the infinite relaxing honeymoon. Tad Lo and Tat Fang Waterfall of the Bolaven Plateau is the most popular paces visited by the couples in the region. Travel to the villages of ethnic minorities will make you surprised by the diversity of culture and lifestyle. Exploring Plateau together, the villages, stunning falls, national parks, remote mountains are the best highlights in Pakse.

Tai Fang waterfalls laos honeymoon

Belongs to the highlights in Pakse, Wat Luang is known as the largest and the most beautiful temple attracting many tourists. The wat includes relics of several important people of Laos. From the Wat Luang, you can take sightseeing to the French bridge over the Sedone River.

Mekong Riverbanks – The Charming Point for Honeymoon Packages

Whatever more romantic when watching the sunset with your wife or husband on the Mekong River from the highest point of Mount Phousi.On the Mekong River bank, floating with the slow boat is the best way to experience the sights and credible views of the water and its riverbank villages. Don’t miss to take a lot of pictures to save the greatest moments in Laos.

Mekong River bank in Laos honeymoon destination