Although May is one of the hottest months of year in Laos, it attracts no less visitors than the other ones. The reason is that it features a well-known festival called Visakha Puja.

Visakha Puja Festival

  • Time: The full moon day of the sixth lunar month (It usually falls in May)
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: All local temples throughout Laos
  • Meaning: This celebration is held to commemorate Buddha’s birth, enlightment and death.
Visakha Puja Festival

Preparing offering flowers before Visakha Puja Festival

Visakha Puja, also known as Full Moon festival, is an extremely important day in the Buddhist tradition and is also one of the year’s greatest religious festivals. It is characterized by ceremonies and beautiful candlelit processions in the temples. Each year throughout the world on the Vesak full moon, Buddhist monks and lay people gather together to worship in a very special way and to recollect the wisdom, purity, and compassion of the Buddha. During the day village elders attend temple celebrations and sermons. Those who have been working all day in the fields return at dusk to join the lovely candle or torchl it procession that circumambulates the temple chapel three times. Enacted in every village, town and city wat, each person carries flowers, three glowing incense sticks and a lighted candle in silent homage to the Buddha, his teaching and his disciples. It is also an occasion for tourists to watch chanting and sermonizing at night.

Visakha Puja Festival

The Laos Monks in candlelit processions during festival