One of the special features of Laos is that it is a country that doesn’t have any coastal line, which also means no link to the sea. Therefore, instead of seawater, Laos is full of mountains in nature. This area contains a lot of peaks and also famous for its natural sceneries. If you are an adventurous lover, Go Laos Tours will offer to you the list of some outstanding Laos mountains and peaks that you might want to take a look once in your lifetime.

Phou Bia – The Highest Mountain in Laos

  • Height: 2819 m (approximately 9248.7 ft.)
  • Location: Annamese Cordillera, Xiengkhoang Province (Northern Laos)
The top of Phou Bia highest mountain in Laos

The top of Phou Bia

  • Features:

– Can’t trek up due to restriction
– A lot of UXO from the war in the past remaining there
– It has been 30 years no one lives there

  • Note: Phou Bia is a restricted area and not open for tourists.

Phu Xai Lai Leng – One of the Most Famous Mountains in Laos

  • Height: 2720 m
  • Location: In the border between Laos (Xiengkhoang Province) and Vietnam (Nghe An Province)
Sea of clouds view from the top of Phu Xai Lai Leng laos mountains

Sea of clouds view from the top of Phu Xai Lai Leng

  • Features:

– One of the ultra-prominent peaks in Southeast Asia (higher than surrounding 1500 meters)
– Suitable for adventurer and person who get used to with craggy area.
– You should take advantage of your journey in Indochina from Vietnam is to visit this area

  • Note: Phu Xai is a restricted area and not open for tourists.

Phou Khe – Laos Mountain

  • Height: 2079 m (Prominent: 1646 m)
  • Location: Luang Prabang Province, the international border between Laos and Thailand
The road lead up to Phou Khe mountains in Laos

The road leading up to Phou Khe

  • Feature:

– A part of Luang Prabang Range, one of the ultra-prominent in Southeast Asia

Mount Phousi – Scared Mountain in Laos

  • Height: just 100 m
  • Location: Luang Prabang
A temple on the top of Mount Phousi mountains of laos

A temple on the top of Mount Phousi

  • Feature:

– One the most attractive destination in Luang Prabang
– On the top, you will encounter Wat Chom Si, a glided Buddha Stupa.
– Descending the mountain, there is a chance to watch the sunset and view the city from a panoramic view
– Entrance Fee: 20000 kips on the halfway up

Enjoy the best views from the peaks of the mountains, take it easy to travel with us. Find out more Laos adventure tours in which you can add the Laos mountains and peaks in your trip.