Top 6 Things to Do & See in Savannakhet

That Ing Hang is locates in Savannakhet

We have been so familiar with Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, and the three most popular cities in Laos, and today we might want some peaceful, less touristy place in Laos. The city that I am talking about is Savannakhet located in western Laos. If you are looking for a calm, peaceful site to spend your vacation, Savannakhet can be considered as a dream for you. So what to do in Savannakhet? Our guide will give you the answer.

A peaceful morning things to do in Savannakhet laos
A peaceful morning in Savannakhet

The History of Savannakhet

But at first, let’s talk a little bit about this Western Laos city. It is the capital of Savannakhet Province. Another name of this city is Kaysone Phomvihane, which is named after the name of a former Laotian President since 2005. People said that Savannakhet City is his birth town; another name of the city is to memorize him.

Geographical Area: Kaysone Phomvihane is the second-largest city in Laos, only behind Vientiane. There are a lot of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese living in this area, which makes up the mix in Laotian Culture.

Top 6 Things to Do & See in Savannakhet

That Ing Hang

If you have visited all temples and stupa in Laos, That Ing Hang can be considered as one of the most sacred places in Laos. The story about this stupa is also very interesting. Locals have said to many generations that in the past when Buddha is tired, he has rested by leaning on a Hang Tree in this Area. Later on, in the 16th century, King Marukhanakhone has ordered to build this stupa to commemorate Buddha’s visit. In Laotian language, “That” refers to Buddhist Stupa, and “Ing Hang” means Hang Tree. And it is how the names come out!

That Ing Hang what to do in Savannakhet laos
That Ing Hang is located in Savannakhet

This ancient stupa is 9 meters (about 29 feet) in length and its four sides are decorated with Buddha Statue. There is a belief that Buddha’s Spine is inside That Ing Hang, which makes it holier than ever. A woman has to wear Laotian female traditional clothes “the Sinh”, kinds of women’s traditional skirt. Otherwise, you are not allowed to come in. One of the Laotian traditional festivals is held yearly in November in the lunar calendar in this area, called Boun Pha That Ing Hang in order to pay homage to Buddha.

Entrance Fee: Around 5000 Kip

Savannakhet Dinosaur Museum

Dinosaur? In Laos? Yeah, it’s real. The museum exhibits all the fossils of dinosaur which has been found in Savannakhet with the support of French. Therefore, there is the subtitle in English, French, and absolutely Laotian. They also offer you an opportunity to touch the real dinosaur bones. Three kinds of dinosaur have been discovering are Pode, Iguanodon, and Sauropode. If you are interested in dinosaur or natural science, you should visit this museum once.

A dinasaur next to the main entrance of Dinosaur Museum Savannakhet attractions
A dinosaur next to the main entrance of Dinosaur Museum in Savannakhet

Entrance Fee: Around 10000 Kip

Wat Xayaphoum (Xayaphoum Temple)

Laos is a country of the temple, everywhere there must be at least one temple in the area. The temple located in the center of the city along the bank of Mekong River has increased its popularity. It still remains in the original Savannakhet style including the monks’ living area and monastery. For celebration and festival of the town, Pi Mai Lao (Laos’ New Year Celebration) and Boun Suang Huea (Boat Racing Festival) are all held here.

The main building of Wat Xayaphoum things to do in Savannakhet
The main building of Wat Xayaphoum in Savannakhet

Heun Hin (Stone House)

Heun Hin or Stone House is believed to be one of 121 rest houses has been constructed during Khmer Empire in Laos. Right now, it is just the ruin of the rest house in the past. Therefore, sometimes, you will see it a little bit similar to Vat Phou in Champasak. Despite the fact that it is still suitable for people that want to do some exercise. You can get access to the area by bicycle in order to challenge yourself and to strengthen your health.

The ruins of Heun Hin things to do in Savannakhet
The ruins of Heun Hin in Savannakhet

Bung Va Lake

A different spot in Savannakhet is right in your eyes. Bung Va Lake is the largest lake on the outskirt of Savannakhet City, a perfect stop on the way to That Ing Hang. Around the lake’s border, there are several restaurants that offer so many local dishes and a good spot for sightseeing. Right now, you are having a chance to witness the real Laotian countryside’s life. It is not the most beautiful place to visit but a perfect place to relax and to spend time on your own.

Bung Wa things to do in Savannakhet laos
Bung Wa in Savannakhet

Other Savannakhet Attractions

As I have mentioned from the beginning, Savannakhet’s culture has also be affected by Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese. In this province, there is a church for Christian called Eglise Sainte Therese, a Chinese Buddhist Temple, and a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple Dieu Giac. You can clearly see the diversity here in this area.

An intersection in Savannakhet is clear of litter
An intersection in Savannakhet is clear of litter

One thing that you won’t want to be missed is Laotian Food in Savannakhet which is Grilled Chicken. Its popularity has increased rapidly in overall Laos. The secret is lying in the chicken meat which is still tight and is not dry combing with Laotian typical sauce “Cheo Boong”. But don’t worry, you can find it everywhere in Laos as street food since it is famous now.

Finally, it is just some recommendation for you and maybe not exactly correct since each person has his/her own preference. Just keep in mind that, wherever you are, please enjoy your vacation in the fullest way. If you have some questionings or wonderings, please contact us for advice or comment below.

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a visit to Savannakhet is a must for any Laos tour, offering a captivating array of attractions and experiences that will leave a lasting impression on travelers. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the local cuisine, with its delectable dishes like khao poon and mok pa. A visit to Savannakhet promises a truly immersive and enriching experience, making it an essential stop on your Laos tour.