Luang Prabang Highlights

If the Vientiane is a peaceful city still sleeping, Luang Prabang will be a miniature France located right on the Indochina peninsula. Coming to this beautiful land, you will have the opportunity to visit famous temples with the history from over hundred years, visit the wonderful caves where hundreds of precious Buddha statues put there or the ancient streets built from the French colonial period. All these things make Luang Prabang city more beautiful than ever.

Today, with ancient imprints from the past, Luang Prabang has recognized the ancient town of the UNESCO reflecting the unity between the modern architecture and traditional Laos architecture with the colonial period. And become one of the destinations in the Laos tours.

In fact, there are many legends associated with the establishment of the town. There is a story that Buddha would have smiled when he rested there during his travels. They prophesied that someday, Luang Prabang would be a rich and busy place. The name Luang Prabang is also inspired by a statue of Buddha, “the Prabang”, a gift from Cambodia. Here are some highlight attractions in Luang Prabang. you should know!