Water Festival in Laos – Laos New Year in April (Boun Pi Mai)

Water Festival in Laos - Laos New Year in April (Boun Pi Mai)

Unlike the new year held on the first day of the new year in most of the country, Lao New year is very special, no fireworks or fancy family dinners, but rather worship splashing water in street is regarded as a unique Laos festival in April. Come to Laos Tours and enjoy the Water festival in Laos.

The Best Activities in the Water Festival

The Lao New Year held in the middle of the hot summer season, in April. And the new year celebrations in the last three days. During the new year, in Lao belief, the old spirit of Songkran leaves this plane, making way for a new one.

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On the first day of the festival, the Laotian called this day is Maha Songkran, which is also the last day of the old year. The families will clean their houses and villages on this day. To make the festival become more splendid and unique, they prepare water, perfume, and flowers for the days. On the second day, there is no work for the festival, people can relax or continue to prepare for the festival or go to the street to take part in some activities. On the third day, the Lao call Wan Thaloeng Sok, which informs the official start of Lao New Year.

Soaked in Boun Pi Mai – The Water Festival Cannot Escape in Laos

In Laos new year, one of the highlights in Laos is water splashing. Water plays a big part in the festival. To signify cleaning, Buddha images are washed. At each temple, the water, as well as blessings for the devotees flocking to the temples and the white bai Sri strings, will be provided for monks. Go on the street the young pour water on the hands of their elders, and friend and family are blessed with water being poured over the head. If you hit the streets of Laos during Boun Pi Mai, expect to get drenched as you walk into the middle of what seems like one big water fight which brings joy and blesses for luck, happiness, and safety in, a new year.


Boun Pi Mai in Luang Prabang – the Best Place to See Laos New Year

Although Boun Pi Mai is held throughout Laos, Vientiane or Luang Prabang is the best place to see the holiday. In Vientiane, families make the rounds of the different temples to bathe the Buddha statues, and Wat Phra Kaew, where is the oldest temple always attracts the tourists and the Locals.

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In Luang Prabang, is probably the best place to celebrate the Water Festival in Laos. They celebrate the festival and can be stretch out to a full seven days. And in other places in Luang Prabang, the activities are varied. On Luang Prabang’s main avenue, they held a costume parade on the fest’s second day, from Wat Pha Mahathat to the main temple of Wat Xieng Thong. At Wat Mai, Pha Bang is a kind of the Buddha statue, is installed after a procession from the Royal Place Museum, and bathed in a temporary place washed by water pipes shaped by the legendary water serpents. At Hat Muang Khoun sandbar, Locals build sand stupas to make merit, decorate them with flowers and hand-painted lags, and sprinkle river water on each other.

Special Tips for the Water Festival in Laos

To secure take part in the Boun Pi Mai, you should book flights and accommodation well in advance if you want to enjoy in Vientiane or Luang Prabang. Because this time is regarded as part of peak tourist season in Laos. the best time to book the flight to Laos at least 2 months to get the dates you want. During the festival, put your mobile phones and other valuables electronics in a waterproof container, or leave them somewhere safe. Moreover, remember that there are certain locals you can’t throw water such as monks, elders, and maybe the occasional well- dressed women on her way to new year event. In April, the weather is hot, the temperature is suited to the activities with water, so don’t be hesitate to soaking wet. Now, don’t take your time to think, contact us if you want to join in Laos New Year!

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