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Laos Classic Tours

A Glance of Laos – 7 Days

Visit a beautiful and amazing land-blocked country with a rich mix of traditional ceremonies, ancient temples, impressive waterfalls, and simple daily life through 7-day Laos tours. Behold the beauty of the capital Vientiane with many temples first then move to Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang which is famous for its natural sites. A ton of magnificent things is waiting for your exploration.

Laos Classic Tours

A Glimpse of Laos – 9 Days

Welcome to Laos, the land is known as the home of million elephants. Once you come to Laos, you will be wake up by the stunning views which give by Nature Mother. Laos is not luxury, but it’s real from the landscapes to the people. Travel to Laos as you back to hundreds of years, a peaceful place and warmly people. With 9 days Glimpse of Laos, Go Laos Tours will bring to you the strange feeling, visit from the charming Luang Prabang to lively Vang Vieng and stop at Vientiane. What are you waiting for? Travel with us!

Laos Classic Tours

Amazing Laos Tour – 8 Days

Laos is well-known for ecotourism and it si the best culture and tradition preservation in South East Asia. The ecotourism is now defined as responsible travel to a natural area that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of local community people and involves interpretation and education. Your route will begin from the well-known UNESCO Heritage city and it leads you the entrance of deep tropical rain forest where unspoiled flora and fauna remain protected. You are the track to the historical sites of Vientiane, delve into the wonders of the Bolaven Plateaux, and unwind amidst the scenic 4000 Islands. From the mystical Pak Ou Caves to the cascading Kuang Si Waterfalls, each day unfolds a new chapter in this immersive journey. With 8 days in Laos Tours, you will visit the cultural villages of Laos.

Laos Classic Tours

Amazing Laos Tour – 8 Days

Laos is known as the bright jewel about tourism in southeast Asia. Travel to Laos, you can explore the oldest temples, the majestic mountain or back to the past to visit the historical places. That’s all of the things to make Laos today. During 8 days Laos trip, company with us and explore the best place in Laos.

Luang Prabang Tours & Day Trips

Amazing Luang Prabang Tour – 4 Days

Discover Laos’ old capital, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on this 4-day Luang Prabang tour full of must-see destinations in and around the city. A special place located about 240 miles (386 km) north of Vientiane; Luang Prabang is at the confluence of two rivers, the Mekong and the Nam Khan. It is known for its many temples, monasteries and gilded roofs, as well as for French provincial style houses. In the center of Luang Prabang is Mount Phousi where you can enjoy the mighty panoramic view of the area from the summit.

Experience a Laos tour of a diversity of cultures and origins, an avant-garde and presents itself as a set of ethnic grouping before being summed up in a single Laotian identity. In order to visit ethnic groups of Laos, just travel between cities and villages from the north to the south, from the plains to the mountains. Another village of an ethnic group will give you another amazing experience.

Although Laos is a developing country, Laos is a country that possesses many unique cultural beauties that only Laos has. If you love the history of Laos, have a passion for long-standing places, the ancient temples or thousand-year-old statues, 5 days Laos trip to explore the best culture and heritage tour is perfectly suitable for you. Follow us and explore together!

Explore most of the aspects of the countryside by off-road bicycle in the best way you intimate about the daily life of the locals in Laos. Like cycling to the other lands in Laos, come to Luang Prabang where we promise to bring for you the most wonderful trip in Laos by Cycling and Trekking. You will be welcomed by the locals when riding from village to village, along green rice paddies and whatever more stop to take many wonderful pictures during your Luang Prabang bike tour. Now, contact us and take the backpacks to explore Luang Prabang!

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Cycling Tour in Pakbeng – Half Day

This one-day cycling trip takes through many fascinating local villages! Along the way, you will see houses style made by local wood, the roof made by bamboo enjoy with new experience and spend time in various ethnic group villages. If you love cycling in Rural Areas and interact with local people, this cycling tour is easy riding, takes only a half-day, and was designed to include special places that few foreigners see on their own, so then this trip certainly offers this possibility!

Laos is a country well deserved to be visited so this circuit is perfect for those who want to get a glimpse of it. Luang Prabang is nestled in the northern mountainous region. Former royal capital, it is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage. You will certainly be amazed by this city with its many golden temples and monks in saffron color who live there. Vientiane, the small capital, is also charming with its French colonial buildings, its grand boulevards and the Mekong River on which tourists can take a boat ride to watch the sunset and observe the local life. Once in Laos Tour Vacation, let's enjoy the happy time in "the land of a million elephants"

Laos Classic Tours

Essence of Laos – 7 Days

Visit Vientiane and Luang Prabang within 7-day Laos tour vacation full of interesting details about these two cities. Feel the realist experiences about the daily life in Laos from cooking traditional food, making paper stencil, to agriculture life of tribe farmers,… Culture, handicraft combining with traditional value makes you feel relief and want to discover more about this land.

Get a glimpse of Laos with abundant historic sites and the mixture of culture that can bring you into another world with a peaceful atmosphere. In the 6-day Laos tour package, step into the past with one of the most ancient cities in Laos, Luang Prabang to a charming land of unforgettable memories – Pakse. Through a wide range of itineraries with appealing landscapes and fascinating views including amazing temples, explore the local markets accompanied by the most beautiful waterfalls and caves and get an in-depth sight into the culture of local people and let you relax after a busy life nowadays.

While you are considering where you should visit during the 10-days in northern Laos vacation, this will be a great suggestion for you. Laos is known as a beautiful country with majestic natural landscapes, ancient architecture, friendly people, and sure that during this tour, you have a chance to explore the hidden treasures of northern Laos. Now, take your backpack and let’s go!

Travel in the opposite direction from the south to the north of Laos with 3 major cities: Pakse, Vientiane, and Luang Prabang. During the journey, explore the great combination of natural sightseeing, the tradition and unspoiled beauty along the way. This 7-day Laos tour package is a summary of the most valuable, exotic destination in “the land of a million elephants”. Prepare yourself to be surprised!

Luang Prabang Tours & Day Trips

Hike and Homestays in Northern Laos – 7 Days

Whatever is more interesting to explore the ancient town in Laos, Luang Prabang! I bet that its beauty will make you infatuation at first glance. Start your tour in Luang Prabang town, through stunning scenery and friendly local villages, visit the magical waterfalls are the highlights in this tour. There is one thing that we make it different with other tours, you will live in the homestays with the locals, try to live like the locals, romp with the children, and join in burning the campfire. So, don’t be hesitant, travel with us!

Vang Vieng is known as the best place for the adventure tours in Laos. Come to Vang Vieng, you do not only explore the mystery land but also you can take part in many outdoor activities such as caving, tubing, hiking, and zip-lining. In 2 days in Vang Vieng, Hiking and Ziplining tour will bring for you a wonderful trip during your Laos Vacation.

Travel to Laos like you’re lost in the middle of mystery land. Slow down and immerse into the local way of life on this trip of Northern Laos. Enjoy the peaceful life in the authentic homestay, get more about the local life and traditions. Complete with awe-inspiring natural scenery and cultural landmarks. Travel to us, we promise will bring a truly unique insight into the culture of beautiful Laos.

Travel to the north of Laos which is regarded as the jewels for tourism of Laos. If you want to find those jewels, the new experience by cycling will make you from this surprise to others. So, in order to help you have a wonderful trip to Laos, we make this tour for you. Take the backpacks and go!

Laos Classic Tours

Jewels of Laos – 10 Days

Have a closer view of Laos in this 10-day Laos tour package from experiencing traditional rites, visiting craft village to temples, mountains, and waterfalls in Laos. This country is more beautiful and mysterious than what you see on television. Begin your vacation from Luang Prabang in the north to the capital Vientiane and then Pakse in the south, 10 days is not so long but enough for you to gain acknowledge about this wonderful land.

Embark on an exciting Laos local tour with our adventure tour within 11 days where you get to experience much more than pure sight-seeing. It’s hard to imagine having this much action-packed in one visit and still be able to enjoy the heart-stirring beauty of Lao nature and attractions. This incredible tour takes you around the top attractions in Laos as well as gets you off the beaten tracks in order to gain authentic experiences and have a deep understanding of the local people.

Laos is recently regarded as the gem for adventure tours in Southeast Asia. If you love the true beauty of Laos, love the traditional culture or the mysterious land in Laos, with this tour 8 days tour in Laos is a great option for you. What’s more interesting when floating yourself slowly on the Mekong River, mix your soul with the light wind to get back the fresh of Laos on the Wat Phou Cruise. One thing I’m sure that on this trip, which will bring not only the unique but also the strange feelings for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s explore Laos with us!

Explore the greatest things in “the land of million elephants” in our 10-day Laos vacation package, which will lead you to all famous highlights of this beautiful land. A huge number of wonders will be revealed during the trip. Visit Luang Prabang Ancient Town and its myriad attractions, then head to Xieng Khuang to explore the World Heritage - Plain of Jars before having a city tour to visit many magnificent Wats in Vientiane, sightseeing tour to Don Khone Island. Even after visiting many countries over the world, leave Laos with new and deeper perspectives of an iconic country in Asia with an authentic way of living.

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Laos Discovery Tour – 16 days

Quiet and lovely Luang Prabang is one of the sexiest places in Southeast Asia. No other place can confirm the romance in the old world of the city including 33 gilded temples, saffron monks, faded Indochinese villas and exquisite Gallic cuisine. It was a unique place where time seemed to stand still amid the dizzying speed of the surrounding area. Beyond the history and heritage sites of the old town, in this 16-day tour including spectacular waterfalls, top trekking opportunities to the villages, meandering mountain bike trails, river cruises and outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by lush green mountains. Spend 16 days exploring the beautiful diversity of Laos. This mysterious rural country boasts ancient temples and historic colonial cities, along with the natural and cultural wetlands of many tribal peoples, this tour brings You the best of Laos from the North.

For those who don't know more about “the land of million elephants”, here is the best trip in Laos we make suit to the members including the children. With 11 days Family Tour in Laos, visit the most historical places, the majestic sights or the traditional villages bring to you the greatest moments with your family members. Come to us and follow the interesting tour!

Enjoy the best moments with family in Laos is our gift want to give you during 5 days Laos family classic tour. On these days in Laos Vacation, we head you off to the best destinations in Laos such as the ancient temples, the majestic waterfalls, or the slow local life surely become the most memorable experiences for both of you and your kids.

To get closer the members in your family, Laos family retreat is the best option for you in Laos. During 7 days in Laos, you have a chance to learn the great mix of culture and activities that you and your kids will never forget. Riding an elephant, planting rice in the fields sure that are the best highlights in this Laos tour. Follow us and make a happy moment in this Laos Family Tour.

Discover Laos - a country in Indochina with no coastline but still a famous destination for its tradition, breathtaking scenery and astonishing constructions. This 14-day Laos tour vacations will take you to all parts of Laos, ranging from North to South in order to take a closer look at Laotian cultures, people and region. The old sense from temples and refreshing atmosphere combining together will make you relief for sure.

You are planning honeymoon day but confused about where should you go? Somewhere maybe in Europe, Hawaii or East Asia are too expensive for your trip. Recently, Southeast Asia the best choice by the couples. One of the places, Laos is the highlight for this tour. In 7 days Laos Honeymoon Tour Package, we make the great moments for both of you during your Laos Tours Packages 

Laos Classic Tours

Laos Luxury Tour – 7 Days

If you’re finding a luxury tour in Lao, Laos Luxury Tour in a week is an ideal suggestion for you. During 7 days in this tour, we specially made suit to you and ensure that you have a Laos vacation as its name, a luxury tour. Exploring the beautiful scenery, visiting the famous historical places, or joining in the interesting outdoor activities are the highlights in this tour. Additionally, you will be served by the professional tour guide and the best services bring for you an unforgettable memory in Laos.

Although Laos is a country without a sea, Laos is still an ideal place for those who love Laos' natural beauty. If someone tells you that “Laos has nothing to see”, it means that they are wrong completely. In 10 days Laos Tour Packages, we will prove to you that How beauty Laos is, which is not the same as any country in the world. Truthfully, we can say that Laos likes a pearl that is being polished to become a shining gem in the future. And now, let’s explore that beauty with us!

A wonderful chance for independent traveler or a small traveling group to explore Laos through a 5-day Laos vacation. Focus on the Mekong and experience the normal life along the river from the amazing countries side with minorities group to travel on a bicycle in Luang Prabang to visit unique temples in Vientiane – the distinct feature of Laos.

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Luang Prabang Adventure Tour – 6 Days

Luang Prabang which means “ The Royal Buddha Image” has attracted many tourists in recent times. Luang Prabang is not only charmed by ancient beauty but also this place is the best ideal for adventure tours in Laos. Known for the golden mountains and deep valleys Luang Prabang also makes one of the great places on the globe to venture out for treks and explore wildlife in the forest. Therefore, we make the best Luang Prabang adventure tour in 6 days suit to you. Now, take the backpacks and explore Luang Prabang together!

Luang Prabang Tours & Day Trips

Luang Prabang City Tour – Full Day

If you cherish the timeless allure of French architecture and harbor a passion for exploring World Heritage Sites in Laos, why not journey to Luang Prabang? This ancient town boasts beautifully preserved buildings that exude French style, offering a romantic ambiance reminiscent of France. With our one-day Luang Prabang city tour, we guarantee the best experience. Discover the charm of Luang Prabang on this Laos tour and let its unique blend of history and beauty captivate you in just one day.

Luang Say Cruise is a journey through the remote Mekong Mountains between the old royal city of Luang Prabang, Laos and Thailand's northern border to Huay Xai - in a style fit for a king. Easily navigate through the currents and along virgin forests, the Luang Say boat is a 34-meter luxury barge, an elegant replica of the famous travel craft of these waters. The Luang Say cruise runs along picturesque landscapes, the sun-soaked. This cruise allows you to visit the hills beside the magical Tham Ting Cave, tribes and caves of thousands of Buddha statues.

Luang Prabang Tours & Day Trips

Luang Prabang Discovery Tour – 3 Days

If you have 3-day Laos tour, do not hesitate to plan a Luang Prabang vacation to visit the ancient capital which is a small town where only 30,000 people live in the city center, in small traditional houses classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since 1995. This city attracts many visitors in search of serenity and spiritual retreat.  Spend time in Luang Prabang visiting the main unmissable sites of the city even if you are not able to visit all the sites in this short lap of temples.

Luang Prabang Tours & Day Trips

Luang Prabang Family Tours – 4 Days

Luang Prabang is known as the Laos foremost tourist showpiece with the gleaming temple roofs, partially renovated French architecture and eclectic mix of residence give this town loads of character and style. To save the best wonderful moments for your family in Laos, we make Luang Prabang family tour 4 days suit best to you including the children. In this tour, you will have the chance to visit the highlights of world Culture heritage town and the surrounding areas.

Luang Prabang Tours & Day Trips

Luang Prabang Khmu Village Tour – 2 Days

For those who have seen the main sights of the ex-capital, this 2-day Luang Prabang tour to Khmu village is highly recommended. We guarantee your interesting visits in less known places in Luang Prabang. You will have a chance to discover yourself the spectacular landscapes and the tranquil lifestyle of the local population through this interesting journey.

Imagine coming to Luang Prabang and not making the most of the street food, it means that you are lack of one of the most popular tours in Luang Prabang. Spend half a day and are looking for a relaxing and informative leisurely walk and bicycle around Luang Prabang, sampling local coffee and treats, you have a chance to enjoy the food as well as explore the local’s life in the street. Therefore, we make this tour for you and certainly, you will love it.

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Luang Prabang Trekking Tour – 4 Days

Trekking offers exceptional adventure to explore off the beaten path in Laos. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes while hiking along the mountain slopes and the hidden rivers and valleys which make you surprise from others to others. Go trekking tour in Laos, it’s also a chance to get in touch with ethnic minority villages such as Akha, Hmong, Khmu & others who still keep their traditional village life from their ancestors. So now, contact us and start your trekking tour!

Embark on a captivating 2-day Laos tour from Houeixai to Luang Prabang, immersing yourself in natural landscapes, history, and culture. The journey includes a tranquil Mekong River cruise, encounters with ethnic minority villages, and exploration of the ancient Pak Ou Caves. Enjoy a Pakbeng sunset and conclude your adventure in the enchanting city of Luang Prabang, where you can explore or unwind at your leisure.

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Motorbike Tour in Northern Laos – 14 Days

For those who have a passion for the adventure tours, and want to explore the beautiful land of Laos on the winding small lane road. What’s more interesting when sitting on a motorbike roam the dusty road to discover the amazing natural scenery, the majestic waterfalls, the villages deep in the forest or the famous sites along northern Laos. All of these things we made for you during the 14-day tour in Laos. Come with us and explore it together!

Laos Classic Tours

Mystery of Laos – 9 Days

Pristine Laos will fully bloom in front of your eyes in this Laos tour package. Explore the mystery Luang Prabang with not only the sacred atmosphere but also spectacular sights, head to the ancient capital of Laos – Vientiane, soak in the countryside of Pakse, and play with mischievous dolphins in 4000 Islands. Take more wonderful experiences in this Mystery of Laos tour.

Laos Cycling & Adventure Tours

Northern Laos Cycling Tour in Laos – 5 Days

If you are planning cycle bike in the beautiful road frame in Laos, cycling tour of the north highlight attractions sure that will bring to you a new experience. Pass through the villages, the fields, and the magnificent lands, it seems that you’re lost in the paradise which is sited on the ground. Feel the peaceful life, communicate with the locals, whatever is more interesting when exploring this land. Don’t be heritage, and go Laos Trips to have these wonderful moments in the next destination in the northern, Laos.

Neither a peaceful Vientiane nor a romantic Luang Prabang, Pakbeng recently has become a new point that promises to be a bright spot for Laos tourism. Come to Pakbeng land, where interference between ancient architecture blends with modernity, making it more unique than ever. In this trip to Pakbeng, we will take you to visit the best places in Pakbeng with enthusiastic and professional service, giving you the most exciting experiences in Laos. So now, let’s explore Pakbeng with us!

Luang Prabang Tours & Day Trips

Phongsaly Loop in the Depth – 9 Days

If you are finding a special trip in Laos, neither Vientiane nor Luang Prabang, now, we lead you to the new land in Laos, Phongsaly which will make an unforgettable voyage for you. Although the journey has a little intrepid, it brings richly rewarding. On your day tour, you'll have a chance to meet the exotic hill tribes living amid spectacular natural landscapes. This tour is suitable for anyone who has a passion with adventurous treks then you can relax with a cruise on the scenic Nam Ou river.

Laos Classic Tours

Snapshot of Laos – 7 Days

In 7 days snapshot of Laos, we will tell you the stories about this beautiful country. From the ancient town, Luang Prabang to the heart of Laos, Vientiane, each of the places owns a particular story, but it contains the value of Laos. Travel with us, we will lead you to visit Laos from the past to now. What are you waiting for? Join with us!

Laos Classic Tours

Taste of Laos – 7 Days

Travel to Laos is regarded as a new taste for those who are the first time to go “the land of million elephants”. Come to Laos, it seems a chance for you to explore the hidden beauty which you never thought. In 7 days in Laos, we will bring for you the different taste, the special sites in Laos. Now, what are you waiting for? Travel with us!

Vientiane Tours & Day Trips

The Charm of Vientiane – 4 Days

“Sabaidee” with Laos. In 4 days in Vientiane, Go Laos Tours will bring to you the best famous sites in Laos, the ancient temples with over 300 years old, the historical sites or join in the special rituals of Laos at the Vientiane land. With 4 days in Laos itinerary, you will have the unforgettable experiences. So, what are you looking for? Take the pack back and let’s go to Vientiane!

This 3-day Laos tour package towards the Plains of Jars is inserted between the unmissable stages that are Luang Prabang and Vientiane. Enjoy beautiful days with stunning mountain scenery and breathtaking landscapes. The Plain of Jars is a place of obvious cultural interest. A stay in Phonsavan also offers you the opportunity to walk a remote area of renowned natural beauty.

Laos is known as a country without a coastline, but in return, it is given a true beauty, which is not the same with other countries. If someone says that Laos has nothing to see, it means that they are wrong. In order to find these essential beauties, we designed a 15-day tour in accordance with its name, "quintessence". During this 15-day in Laos, you will experience the mystical lands, visit these romantic waterfalls enchanted people. Besides, an experience to visit these villages with rich culture and traditions will make you have an unforgettable trip in Laos. To find these beauties, all the quintessence is encapsulated in this tour. Don’t be hesitant, and travel with us!

Laos Classic Tours

The Real Laos – 15 Days

Explore the pristine  “the land of million elephants” within the 15-day Laos tours in every shade of this country. Sequentially go through the royal city of Luang Prabang, ride the huge but gentle animal - elephant through tropical forests, chat with the monk, explore the ancient capital of Muong Khouan, get a glimpse of present capital of Vientiane, and so on. All of these experiences will lure you away and this Laos tours can be your best ever journey.

Discover the beauty of Lao nature, landscapes, and culture with our grand 20-day Laos tour where we take you on an amazing trip to the best attractions in Laos. You get the chance to experience a colorful Laos from the perspective of a true local as you take part in exciting activities and visit the most famous destinations as well as lesser-known places to gain a deeper understanding of this stunning Southeast Asia country. With this extensive Laos tour, you can experience everything that you can expect from an insightful tour and more!

Vientiane Tours & Day Trips

Vang Vieng Tour from Vientiane – 2 Days

Vang Vieng is not only famous for its water sports and party atmosphere, but also home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Laos. On this 2-day private tour from Vientiane, visit Tham Chang Cave or stop at traditional villages such as Ban Pha Thao's Hmong Village and KM 52, and Ban Keuan (the salt village)  and cruise down Nam Xong River for amazing experiences.

Vientiane Tours & Day Trips

Vientiane – Nam Ngum Lake Tour – 1 Day

Escape the bustling city in Vientiane to enjoy the full day tour of Nam Ngum Lake in the countryside, the beautiful scenery over the Nam Ngum River. Be amazed by the beauty of the green valley and get overwhelmed by the presence of this vast, spectacular lake. Visit a traditional H’mong village and admire the evocative ruins of Vang Xang. After having a delicious lunch at a boat restaurant on Nam Ngum Reservoir, find the taste of local life as you cruise around the lake and the fishing villages at the lively Dong Mark Khai Market.

Explore the two best cities in Laos, the capital city Vientiane and the charming Luang Prabang combined in this 6-day amazing Laos tour. Discover a rich mix of the culture of the most splendid and classical Buddhist temples as well as the relax and enjoy natural beauty from Mekong River to Kuang Si Waterfall. Unlock the mysteries hidden inside the land-locked country in Indochina.

Vientiane Tours & Day Trips

Vientiane City Tour – Half Day

Immerse yourself in the Wat Si Saket, visit Ho Pra Keo or Wat Ho Phakeo – one of the most impressive and interesting temples in this super quick trip. Get into the Presidential Palace which is the official residence of the President of Laos. Explore Patuxai- a war monument in the center of Vientiane. Drop in Great Sacred Stupa – is the most important Buddhist monument of Laos. On this half-day Vientiane, the tour includes round- trip with transport and entrance tickets.

Vientiane Tours & Day Trips

Vientiane Discovery Tour – 3 Days

Explore the "land of a million elephants" should include Vientiane as the essential stop. During this 3-day Vientiane tour, take time to discover the city of heritage sites, classic French architectures, learn about Lao culture and history from Wat Sisaket, That Luang Stupa, buy souvenirs at the market and visit some famous landmarks such as the Buddha Park and the National Museum of Laos.

Vientiane Tours & Day Trips

Vientiane Highlighs – 5 Days

Avoid the chaotic city to find a peaceful, Laos is an ideal destination for those who want to find the new one. Come to Laos like back to the past to find the nostalgia, the temples are over a hundred years, the cultures which only Laos have, or the spectacular landscapes which are given by Nature Mother. Only in 5 days tour in Vientiane, you will be surprised by the real Laos, which you cannot see on the internet. What’s are you waiting for? Travel to Vientiane with us.

Vientiane Tours & Day Trips

Vientiane Quick Trip – Half Day

For those with limited time yet eager to capture the essence of Vientiane, our half-day tour, a perfect addition to your Laos tour package, offers a glimpse into the city's cultural treasures. Discover the spiritual significance behind the sculptures in the mesmerizing Buddha Park, followed by a riverside relaxation session with local snacks. Later, venture to the Lao Textile Museum, showcasing the country's rich textile heritage.

Laos family tours - 6days/5nights offers you a chance to experience the family-friendly vibes of Luang Prabang as well as its cultural heritage sites. You and your lovely children can observe monks going about their daily activities while listening to our tour guide present about Buddhist culture. Visit Living Crafts Centre to get the feeling of a true farmer before admiring the spectacular beauty of Kuang Si Waterfalls. Your Laos family retreat also includes the sightseeing in the laid-back capital Vientiane which helps you and your kids get much-valued knowledge about French-colonial history.